In Pandora's literary collections, they cite the themes of Renaissance, harvest, and fairy tales as inspiration. As one of Pandora's most classic collections, "Spring" 2013 Spring Fairy Fair, I was impressed. We have new songbirds, castles, fairy tale books (unfortunately no frog prince!). This not only provides existing collectors with a new and old collection style, but also provides new collectors with the opportunity to invest in classic Pandora designs, but redesigns styles that coexist with Pandora's current products.

I like the button beads recently released by AW, this time offset by a novel mix of characters and more thoughtful decorative designs (with quirky textures and Renaissance motifs). CZ still exists and is quite common, but more subtle. My favorite choices are Bruno, the cute little unicorn (not his official title), Freedom as a Bird, and possibly little books. I like this castle, but if you already own one of them, it's very similar to the castle of the same name in Disneyland. I really like the white murano glass beads and really want to use it as the focal point of the new Love Potion, Bird and Bruno's new padlock bracelets. I love my mini design now!

What do you think of this pandora bracelets uk collection? Is there anything in your wish list?
Only a few days before the release of Pandora's Fall 2016 collection on Thursday, today I am going to do a detailed preview of all the charms and charm bracelets for Fall 2016 to celebrate! We provide high-quality pictures, prices in the US and UK, and detailed reviews of all new works! : D

Pandora 2016 Fall Preview

This collection is indeed a very large one, and like last year, there is an exclusive exhibition in a fair area. These can be confusing, so for the sake of clarity, I will introduce beads and bracelets unique to that country in the last section.

The series is already popular in many stores in the UK and North America, and live footage has leaked to social media-but I will be rounding up these products on Thursday! : D Continue reading HQ pictures and prices! :)

Pandora 2016 autumn and winter bracelet

Keep in mind that this post only covers charm bracelets and charms, so we won't repeat all other jewelry bracelets here.

First, we have the new Pandora gold bracelet. Super expensive, but too beautiful!

Pandora 2016 Fall Preview

Next, we introduced the new Pandora Signature Charm Bracelet, which provides a more affordable option for those who cannot afford a regular two-tone bracelet. It's a winter release in North America, and everyone else is autumn. I saw this in the store on Saturday and it was really beautiful!

Pandora 2016 Fall Preview


Pandora 2016 Fall Outfit

The glittering medallion is one of my favorite glittering charms. Too beautiful. I like beautiful patterns and soft colors. However, my price is a little higher than what I want to pay, either £ 65 or $ 85-so I think we will see! This will become a beautiful focal point.

Pandora 2016 Fall Preview

The Floating Locket charm is a smaller version of Pandora's new charm locket concept-the real cool thing about this charm version is that you can open it and remove and remove the charm. So, assuming you want, you can replace this little heart charm with another Petite! 55 pounds.

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