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How it works.

List your event

Start by adding all the important details of your event. Click here to get started.

Select promotion options

With just a few clicks, choose when and where to advertise your event. If you decide not to promote right away, you can always come back to your promotion options by clicking the “promote event” button from within your event listing.

Watch the clicks come in

SpinGo provides free reporting so you can track the effectiveness of your promotion options.

4 ways to get the word out:

SpinGo Reach

List your event on calendars outside the SpinGo Network.

When you submit an event to a SpinGo-powered calendar, it’s automatically listed to other calendars within the SpinGo network. And now you can be listed on calendars outside the network with SpinGo Reach. Spend less time on the mundane task of listing your event to multiple calendars and focus more on what matters most in planning your event.

SpinGo Boost

Formerly “Featured Ads”

Boost your event listing to the top of calendars across the SpinGo network.

Millions of people browse events across SpinGo-powered calendars each day. A boosted listing gets your event in front of calendar visitors more frequently. Once boosted, your listing appears as an ad ahead of standard listings and search results. Because it’s displayed more often, your event has a better chance of being discovered.

SpinGo Premier


Be the main event by securing the exclusive top spot on the SpinGo calendar(s) of your choice for 24 hours. With only one spot available per calendar—per day—inventory is limited and sells out quickly. Additionally, your SpinGo Premier ad is the main event on widgets, which are mini event calendars displayed throughout other website pages.

SpinGo Ads


Easily create and display an ad campaign on news, television, and radio websites. Over 2,300 websites in the U.S. and Canada are available for ad placement, including,,, and more. The ads are eligible to appear on the home page, around articles, and in a variety of other locations throughout the websites. To view the complete list of websites available for SpinGo Ads, click here.

“When I handed my online marketing to SpinGo, I immediately noticed an increase in traffic to my event page. Plus, they saved me hours of time and eliminated the headache of trying to create, manage, and optimize my online marketing.”

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