Taste of the Lower East Side – Reaching Fundraising Goals Through Marketing

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Taste of the Lower East Side

Surpassing Fundraising Goals Through Multi-Channel Marketing


SpinGo used Facebook, Google Search, and Google Display, to exceed Taste of the Lower East Side’s fundraising goals.


more attendees than previous year


far exceeded fundraising goal


individuals receive benefits from funds


Tasting the best food for the best cause

18 years ago, the Taste of the Lower East Side brought the tasting craze to New York City. Their lengthy list of participating restaurants brings guests an incredible variety of dishes on very full plates. No one waits in line for food, and no one ever leaves hungry. Taste of the Lower East Side brings the New York’s best food under one roof for one night to raise money for its youth program.

When it began 18 years ago, volunteer mentors were determined to raise more money for its youth mentor program trips. Today, the event has grown to support not only the JUMP! mentoring program, but also all programming and services at Grand St. Settlement.


Hit their yearly fundraising goal

Taste of the Lower East Side needed to raise money at their annual fundraiser to fund their youth mentor programs and services. The money helps support more than 10,000 New Yorkers through 5 Child & Family Centers, 12 Community Centers for senior programming, 72 affordable housing units, and more.

Taste of the Lower East Side needed to raise enough money to make sure that their programs could continue to provide the support they need to the community.

However, with less than 2 weeks before their event, Taste of the Lower East Side was far below both their ticket sales and donation goals. They needed to start selling tickets and getting donations fast.


Share their story through multi-channel marketing

Taste of the Lower East Side reached out to SpinGo to run marketing to promote their fundraiser. Because the event came with a high ticket price, Taste of the Lower East Side wanted to make sure the right audience would see their ads so that they could hit their fundraising goal for the year.

SpinGo developed a marketing plan to reach the right audience with a multi-channel marketing strategy. SpinGo would advertise on two locations on Facebook and also included Google Display and Google Search Ads.


More funds and attendees than ever before

SpinGo’s multi-channel approach on Facebook and Google Display told a story that lead to more Google searches for Taste of the Lower East Side and resulted in ticket sales.

Taste of the Lower East Side went from being in danger of not reaching their fundraising goal to surpassing it and increasing their attendance by 100 from the previous year with SpinGo’s marketing approach.

With SpinGo, Taste of the Lower East Side:

  • Increased attendance by 100
  • Exceeded annual fundraising goals
  • Raised money to support their program for another year

The event was great! We exceeded our fundraising goal and had 100 more attendees than last year.

Andrew Edgar

Communications Manager, Taste of the Lower East Side


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