“Think of the calendar section on a newspaper’s website, but with a more visually-appealing design and more accurate listings.”

Where event promotion meets event discovery

Event makers need to get the word out. Event goers crave new and interesting things to do. SpinGo connects these two groups together through a platform where events go to be seen. Founded by Kreg and Amanda Peeler in 2012, SpinGo allows users to promote and discover the best events on:

  • Local News Websites
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • The SpinGo App (iOS)

Kreg Peeler

Kreg is a product developer, media producer, and the founder of Spin Media Marketing, a precursor to SpinGo. Before founding SpinGo, Kreg also led product development, marketing, and technology solutions for Bonneville International, Experticity, and Media News Group. He lives in Draper, Utah, with his wife, Amanda, and their four kids.


Amanda Peeler

Amanda is the market analyst and visionary of SpinGo's event, venue, and performer content strategy. Prior to SpinGo she co-founded Spin Media Marketing. In addition to raising SpinGo, she has also raised four kids, upon whom she is foisting Mandarin as well as her passion for paint, power tools, and Broadway musicals.



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