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You see paid search and PPC (pay-per-click) ads online every day. You see them when you search on Google, reading through websites, scrolling through your Facebook Timeline, watching YouTube videos, and playing Candy Crush.

PPC is one of the most powerful forms of marketing because it shows your ads to the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.


Running paid online advertisements for your event is a full-time job.

If you don’t have the time it takes to properly manage your campaigns, why not let the experts navigate this complicated operation for you? Our team of certified and experienced PPC strategists works for you, to make sure you get the results you need for a successful event.


When you partner with SpinGo, you get a full team of creative marketers that are rooting for your success.

Your wins are our wins. And, with insight into the event industry that no one else has, SpinGo is your secret weapon.


We offer a variety of marketing channels so you can reach your audience in the right place.

Facebook Ads

With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook can reach even the most niche audiences. SpinGo will target your exact demographics to reach the right audience. Your target audience will see your event in their News Feed and in the right-hand column.

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Google Display Ads

Leveraging Google AdWords’ Display Network, SpinGo will pick and choose sites relevant to your specific audience. Your ads will appear in and around content your targeted audience cares about.

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News & Media Ads

SpinGo’s News & Media ads are a specific kind of Google Display ad. We will strategically place an ad for your event throughout our partner websites. Anyone within your defined target area visiting these news outlets will see your ad. Click here to see the list of all our partners nationwide.

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Google Search Ads

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. SpinGo will carefully select keywords related to your event so attendees can find the date, location, and tickets for your event. Google catches all the people who have interest in attending your event.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram keeps climbing in users and influence, with over 700 million monthly users. SpinGo works with you to gather relevant information about demographics and interests to reach the right audience for you on Instagram.

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Event Calendar Ads

When you list your event, SpinGo automatically adds your event to the network of over 1,500 event calendars. To stand out, Boost your event to the top of the calendars in your network. Want to get seen even more? Buy a Premier spot and be the largest ad on the calendar on the day of your choice.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

There are a ton of services out there, but SpinGo stands head, shoulders, (and eyeballs) above the rest! One of the better bangs for the event marketing buck that exists.

Cliff Stepp

The Cliffnotes

We had a higher attendance than we ever had in past years. SpinGo always does a great job in promoting our ballet and we plan on continuing to use SpinGo!

Jane Hachiya-Weiner

Ballet Theatre of Carmel

SpinGo has been very helpful in breaking our company into digital marketing. Their team has been a great resource for us and our events have benefitted positively.

Molly Wenske

World Projects


With SpinGo Effect Ads, our marketing experts will build a personalized marketing campaign for your event based on your target demographics. Our experts will pick between Facebook, Google Search, Google Display, and Instagram ad placements.



per event

  • 10 Days
  • 203,040 Impressions
  • 1,380 Clicks
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*Impressions and clicks are estimates. Results will vary*



per event

  • 60 Days
  • 1,065,000 Impressions
  • 7,740 Clicks
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*Impressions and clicks are estimates. Results will vary*

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We run ads for your event on our network of online event calendars, our network of news and media websites (a subset of Google Display), social media and search engine platforms. Our team of experts will help you to decide which marketing platform is best for your event’s needs.

Yes, for campaigns that run outside of our event calendar network, your Event Success Manager will email you a campaign summary that includes a preview of your ads.

You are assigned an Event Success Manager that will be in contact with you throughout your campaign, they will be there for any questions you may have and send you a final report with information on impressions, clicks, and CTR (click through rate). We can also help you set up conversion tracking, and include those in your report.

No. However, we do have non-profit rates for those who qualify. To find out if you qualify, talk to one of our event specialists. Please keep in mind that we cannot run ads for free, we can only discount the cost.

The SpinGo Calendar Network is our network of over 1,500 local publications that use our Event Calendar tools to publish local events on their websites. You can see our full list of calendars here.

The Local News and Media Network is a subset of Google Display that includes thousands of local radio and TV stations’ websites. We created this subset of Google Display to help you get your event listed on every local website in your area with one submission. See the list of publications in this network here.

This depends on your event, and what you are trying to accomplish with marketing. We use different marketing strategies to achieve different results. Without knowing specific details, we do know that it is never too soon to start telling people about your event. Because we customize everything we do, give us a call and tell us about your event and your goals, and we can come up with a strategy that works for you. (877) 377-4646.