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  • Digital Ticketing and On-Site Checkin.

  • Vendor and Sponsor Management.

  • Event Scheduling.

  • Volunteer and Staff Management.

  • Celebrity Management.

  • Attendee Event App.

  • On-site Badge and Wristband Printing.

  • RFID Capability.

  • See Feature Details


Your event's first impression is important. Put your best foot forward with our on-site solutions designed to speed up your event check-in process. 

Check in your guests seamlessly and digitally. 
Print event badges or wristbands on site in just 2.33 seconds. 


Have a question while using Event Master? Not a problem. Our team of Event Master support reps are ready to help you get the most out of Event Master.

Our team of experienced Event Master reps will guide you through the setup process to ensure you feel comfortable with the software by the time your event is ready to go.

If you want additional support for your event, you can request to have trained staff available on-site the day of your event.



Event Master is the last event management platform you will ever need. With adaptable technology that allows for event growth, you will discover something new you love about the software each time you use it. Event Master brings together:
  • Ticketing & Product Sales
  • Vendor applications, orders, and mapping
  • Volunteer/staff applications and scheduling
  • Programming scheduling
  • Celebrity accommodations
  • Attendee event app
  • Badging, wristbands & RFID
  • $0.99 for the first $10 of a ticket price, and $0.25 for every $10 increment after that. For example, a $25.00 ticket would be $0.99 + $0.25 + $0.25 = service fee of $1.49. Most ticketers charge $0.99 + 2.5% of the total price. For a $25 ticket, this would result in a service fee of $1.62.
    Event Master Service fees cap at $9.95 per ticket sale.
    Event Master comes with a check in app that is used to scan ticket QR codes at the door. When a QR code is scanned, the app will show which tickets are associated with that QR code, and if they have already been redeemed or not.
    Yes! Our Event Success Managers are ready to answer your emails and phone calls, and make sure all your questions are answered.
    To use just the ticketing tools, the only cost is the ticketing service charge. To use the full platform (vendor applications, orders, mapping, volunteer applications, attendee event app, program scheduling, celebrity accommodations, etc), it is $499.00 per event + the ticketing service charges.
    Of course. All the data you collect through Event Master on attendees, vendors, volunteers, celebrities, etc. is exportable.