Why Facebook Event Pages Work

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Why Facebook Event Pages Work

There are lots of ways to get the word out about your event online, including a Facebook event page. This is one avenue you don’t want to skip!

If you think Facebook is a social media graveyard consider this – Facebook now has nearly 2 billion users who spend an average of 50 minutes per day on their platform. That’s about the same amount of time per day people in the U.S. spend eating! If you’re event isn’t on Facebook you’re losing out on a huge market.

Here’s how to set up your Facebook Event page:

  1. Click Events in the left menu of your News Feed.
  2. Click Create in the top right.
  3. Click to choose between a private or public event. If you’re creating a public event, you can set the event’s host as yourself or a page you manage. We recommend setting the host as yourself to open up the direct message feature.
  4. Fill in the event name, details, location, and time. If you’re creating a public event you can:
    1. Select a category for your event
    2. Add keywords about your event
    3. Add a link to a ticketing website for your event
  5. Click Create.

Now that your event’s page is setup, you can really start to see the power of Facebook Events.

Here are the Top 6 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Facebook Event Page:

1. Invite your friends to the event page. Inviting your friends to your event is like adding your event to their calendar for them. If they click that they are “Interested” or “Going” on your event they will get notified whenever you post on the event wall and they get reminders when the event is coming up. No arm twisting required.

2. Share the event to your business page. People who follow your business page are likely to have an interest in the events you put on, so let them know of your awesome upcoming event!

3. Direct message people Interested in your event. Send interested attendees a message reminding them of your event, a cool update, or a link to purchase tickets. Reminder: you can only use the direct message feature when your event is owned by a person, not a business.

4. Post updates on your event wall frequently. Post photos and videos from past events! Use a countdown to the event date and creative messages to hype up the event. People who click that they are “Interested” or “Going” to your event will get notifications every time you make a post to the Event wall.

5. Promote your Facebook Event page on Facebook. This will increase awareness and get people outside of your immediate circle interested in attending your event. Through Facebook promotion, our clients have seen an average increase in attendees “Going” to their event of 478.91%, and 394.28% increase in “Interested” attendees.

6. Follow up. After your event, post photos from the event to thank those who went, and show those who didn’t go what they missed out on.

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