Who’s Listing Events on SpinGo?

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Who’s Listing Events on SpinGo?

SpinGo receives more than 40,000 event submissions each month from a wide variety event makers looking to get the word out. Most of these submissions come through our calendar network, and they create a diverse selection of unique events. SpinGo displays events of all shapes and sizes, but we can typically assign submitters of any event type to just five different groups:

1. Nonprofits
Event makers that work for nonprofit organizations are in charge of things like submitting events, managing budgets, and marketing strategy. They work in a variety of industries including, social services, civic organizations, politics, education, and religious organizations. Nonprofits organize fundraising events, community gatherings, carnivals, fun runs, galas, auctions, and other events that provide value to the community.

2. Professional Event Makers
Professional event makers work for companies or organizations that specialize in events. They’re in charge of planning large scale events, and they work with many vendors to execute the job. Industries include convention and trade shows, event planning services, arts and entertainment, sports, and media. The professional organizes large nationwide events, concerts, expos, mainstream sports, races, fun runs, arts, entertainment, festivals, rodeos, public sports, fairs, cultural events, conferences, and tradeshows.

3. Volunteers
Similar to nonprofits, volunteer submitters are quite passionate about the cause they believe in. Their industries are spread across arts, entertainment, charities, social services, government, and education. They organize fundraising activities, carnivals, fun runs, festivals, and fairs.

4. Corporate Companies
Event submitters from corporate companies plan and execute events as needed. These can be either B2B or B2C events, including tradeshows, luncheons, galas, sporting events, grand openings, sidewalk sales, book fairs, appreciation events, networking events, and seminars.

5. Agencies
Agencies submit events on behalf of the clients they work for. They’re responsible for strategy, branding, and creative development. They organize both private and public events across all categories.

SpinGo tracks how many events each group is submitting across all of our calendars. Here’s how each group is submitting:

And here’s how each group is promoting:

What this means for SpinGo partners.

SpinGo partners can look at this data and see which event makers value the ease of submitting and promoting their events on the calendar pages. Nonprofits and professional event makers rank among the heaviest users, relying on local news media sites to market their events.

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