Using Instagram Stories for Events

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Using Instagram Stories for Events

Instagram is great for connecting with your attendees through compelling pictures and videos. A picture is worth a thousand words and as an event maker, you have a lot to say! Tell your attendees about your event creatively by using Instagram stories.

How to post a story

Tap the little camera icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Take pictures, videos, boomerangs, and more!

Write or draw on your image/video for add flare.

Click the little plus sign to add it to your story!

You can use stories to keep your Instagram followers interested in your event as it is coming up.

Six Things To Post on Your Story

1) Ticket Giveaways
Everyone likes to be a winner. Use your Insta story to post about special ticket giveaways that are taking place before your event. Use fun images/videos to get people to enter to win.

2) Line Up Announcements
Whether you’re announcing Britney Spears, Five Finger Death Punch, or your local reggae band, your attendees deserve to hear about it! Build hype for your event by posting line up announcements and event updates to your story.

3) Contests
Does your event have any contests going on? If so, post information and reminders to enter the contest. Once the contest gets going, post updates and share stats to maintain that hype. Once the contest is over, give the winner a shoutout. Your users want something to follow, so give them that content!

4) Special Deals
There are people out there that don’t buy anything unless it’s on sale. Everybody likes a good deal, so make sure to post about special ticket offers, discounts, and dates where prices increase on your Instagram story.

5) Event Prep
Give your followers a little sneak peak at the magic that makes the event possible. While prepping for the event, post content that shows you and your team having fun as you get ready. Some popular posts I’ve seen include: Setting up the beer garden, putting together the stage, and getting together the merchandise.

6) Day of the Event
Give the followers who didn’t attend your event a big dose of FOMO. Post exciting videos and photos from the event to let those followers know they are missing out.


Using Instagram stories can positively impact your event. Give your users creative and informative content as your event approaches.

And remember the most important rule – Keep your content fresh!

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