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Sensible Marketing Ideas to Drive Event Attendance

As an event marketer, one of the most frequent questions event makers ask me is how much digital advertising is required to drive X number of attendees. In response, I usually encourage them to take a step back and consider the position digital advertising has within a larger, well-rounded marketing strategy. At SpinGo, we work with…
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Event Safety: How to Ensure Your Attendees Feel Safe At Your Event

Recently, SpinGo conducted a new survey revealing how U.S. event attendees feel about their personal safety at live events and how their safety perceptions have changed after the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. The data poignantly revealed that recent attacks at live events impact attendees feelings of safety, with nearly 33 percent feeling worried that…
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5 Hacks to Increase Team Productivity

If you have ever worked in an office setting, then you are already familiar with the struggles of effectively boosting productivity. Luckily, there are a number of hacks that can help you increase team productivity. Improved productivity is just a few small tweaks away, so read on to learn more! 1. Clearly Delineate Roles Depending on…
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