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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Your Next Event

Summer season will soon be upon us and celebrations are in their planning stages as event organizers are suiting up and trying on their many, many hats. Many event makers get so caught up in the massive amount of things on their to do list that they often forget to take a moment to ask…
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Better Volunteers for Your Event

As Director of Client Success at SpinGo, I get to work with many talented event makers as they prepare for their events. We talk through better ways to manage vendors, setting up clear event schedules, creating urgency for ticket sales, and beyond. However, there is one portion of event planning that always seems to get put on the…
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Finding and Managing Solid Event Volunteers

If you’re organizing an event, solid volunteers are crucial for its success. You know the kind. They’re the ones that are reliable, energetic, and diligent. They make your event a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. How do you find and keep solid event volunteers? Read on for some simple advice. Where to Look One…
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