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5 Inspirational Quotes for Event Makers

We could all do with a little more motivation, and it can be found in many different places. Here are 5 quotes to resonate with event planners. Save, share and look back on this collection to reflect or serve as a reminder when you are lacking motivation. Every event organizing superstar needs a little inspiration…
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Experiences Are Greater Than Things

‘Money doesn’t buy happiness’ is an old cliche we have all heard repeatedly throughout our lives. While we all know this is true, we all still wish we had more money in our bank accounts than we do now. While the old adage is correct that no amount of money can make us happy forever,…
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6 Event Profs You Should Follow in 2016

When it comes to learning from event experts, we believe in following the event profs who will simplify your lives by giving you best practices, tips, advice, and tell you about technology that can take your event to the next level. But the old adage that ‘more is always better’ isn’t necessarily true when it…
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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dog Hair, Great for Pet Clean Up – Best & First Reviews

What’s the factor of living in a tech-packed future if you do not have a robot to do your grunt work for you? This robotic hoover is one of the very best performing ones around, as well as is more than capable of picking up persistent pet dog hair that’s cluttered throughout your floor. Discovering…
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