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Better Volunteers for Your Event

As Director of Client Success at SpinGo, I get to work with many talented event makers as they prepare for their events. We talk through better ways to manage vendors, setting up clear event schedules, creating urgency for ticket sales, and beyond. However, there is one portion of event planning that always seems to get put on the…
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3 Event Ideas for Securing Major Gifts

Major giving is a major deal for nonprofits. Rightly so! Some organizations report that more than 80% of their donations come from less than 20% of their donors. Want to know who tips the balance in that direction? Major gift donors. With the help of just one major gift, your organization is suddenly far more…
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Who’s Listing Events on SpinGo?

SpinGo receives more than 40,000 event submissions each month from a wide variety event makers looking to get the word out. Most of these submissions come through our calendar network, and they create a diverse selection of unique events. SpinGo displays events of all shapes and sizes, but we can typically assign submitters of any event type to…
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How to Create an Event Listing That Sells

If you have a limited marketing budget, event listings are a great (and free) way to get the word out. There are many event calendars and places to list your event online, including the SpinGo Calendar, and the best part of getting listed is that your event is displayed in front of people who are…
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When to Promote Your Event

So you have an event coming up. The date is set, your budget is set, and you’ve identified which marketing channels will be the most effective in reaching your target audience. Now that you’re ready to get the word out, when should you start promoting your event? Timing is critical. Advertise too early, and your…
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