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Content Marketing for Your Event

As social media evolves and mobile phone usage continues to increase, content marketing trends change. What worked three years ago in doesn’t necessarily work today. But the trick to getting noticed through content marketing isn’t about making sure you are keeping up with the pack with your content, but to lead the pack. Having superior content will take your event from being…
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Email Marketing: Best Practices for Events

Even as social media marketing becomes more prevalent, email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to attract attendees to events. In fact, this report by consulting firm McKinsey shows that email marketing is nearly 40 times more effective for acquiring customers than Twitter and Facebook combined. That’s because 91 percent of all US consumers still…
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Best Practices for SEO

It takes money to make money. Whether you are a non profit fundraising for the year or a corporate event maker hoping to sell out your event, it is going to take a couple of bucks to make sure people hear about your event. Using search engine optimization may seem like a risky cost at…
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