What Is Your Sponsor Really Looking For?

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What Is Your Sponsor Really Looking For?

Every event prof has been through the process of trying to get a sponsor. At the peak of your event season it can be a hassle trying to find and convince sponsors to be apart of your event. It’s easy to think about what needs your event has, but if you want to start landing the right sponsorships then it’s time to start thinking about what sponsors need.

Event sponsorships should be a win-win situation for all parties involved. Before you spend time trying to convince a sponsor to invest in your event, read up on what sponsors really want:

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a big reason why sponsors want to help your event. Nothing gets a company name out there like sponsoring an event with the same target audience. Sponsoring an event means having your company name on marketing materials, swag, and much more. It’s a great way for sponsors to get right in front of their core audience. It’s also efficient for being introduced to a new audience.

Sponsor Lead Gen

Sure brand awareness is important, but nothing beats getting a monetary return on an investment. That is why lead gen has become so important to many sponsors. In fact, 50% of sponsors say their primary reason for supporting events is for lead gen. The fact is that more leads means more sales. Now that’s a win-win.

Beat Competition

Sponsoring an event shows a company’s drive and initiative, a key part in staying ahead of their competition. Sponsoring an event gets a company’s product right into the hands of their target customers vs. just running traditional marketing.

Getting sponsors is one thing, but keeping them for your next event is a whole other task. Before your event you created relationships with your sponsors and it’s vital that you maintain those relationships after the event because what you do after the event is just as important as what you did before the event.

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