Sell More Tickets With Live Chat

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Sell More Tickets With Live Chat

Did you know that 53% of US online adults are likely to abandon their online purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their question? (Forrester, 2016). The last thing you want is an event goer to not complete their purchase because they’re hung up on one question. Time is valuable to consumers and valuing their time is a key part of good customer service. That is why many websites have turned to a web feature called live chat to help them answer their visitors questions quickly and conveniently.

With live chat, consumers can type their questions into a chat box that appears and have direct interaction with an agent in seconds or minutes. Like any product, events can spark questions that affect an event goer’s decision on whether or not to buy a ticket. Event goers may have questions regarding re-entry or even food allergies. If they can get those questions answered quickly, then they can continue with their purchase worry-free. Live chat enables these consumers to get the answers they need from anywhere with an internet connection. Their purchase is also likely to happen faster with live chat because they can get the info they need without having to navigate through your website.

Though we are among a tech savvy generation, there are still many that aren’t as familiar with website functionality. For these event goers, live chat can help them from getting lost in the buying process. Live chat is easy to use and allows people to multitask in case they want to browse around during the chat. It can also tackle language barriers, as many live chat softwares offer translation. So where can you find live chat software?

Live Chat Software

Live chat gives you a competitive advantage and helps you build trust with your buyers. Here are the 5 best live chat softwares available, published on Capterra:

1) Front

2) Zendesk

3) Zoho SalesIQ

4) LiveChat

5) SnapEngage

Live chat softwares can come with an array of functions to take your live chat to the next level like video chat, visitor targeting, and a call me option to name a few. It’s best to set up some demos with softwares you’re interested to see what capabilities they come with. It is even possible to set up live chat on Facebook. You won’t be able to use live chat on an event page but you can use it on any Facebook fan pages.

Entry point pricing usually starts at around $15 per month with an increasing number of providers offering completely free plans (freemium) with reduced functionality like Proonto and FreshDesk. Usually you can also try one of their premium packages for a period of at least 14 days. Prices can be as expensive as a couple of hundred dollars per month depending on the features you select. (ChatToolTester).

For a more comprehensive list of live chat tools, visit G2 Crowd.

Setting Up Live Chat

Once you’ve decided to get live chat and have chosen a software provider, you’ll need to set it up to work on your website. Setup will not be the same for every software but here is a generic outline of the process:

1) Install the software. You’ll start by downloading the software you choose to your computer, following the step by step guidelines along the way.

2) Link integrations. If you’re running your website on a popular platform like WordPress, mainstream softwares will offer automatic integrations so that you don’t have to manually install.

3) Download associated app. Most softwares will have an app that you can login to that where your agents will be able to chat with customers.

4) Set your preferences. Don’t have a team of agents readily available 24/7? No worries. You can receive your support emails as tickets by setting up email forwarding, that way you can get to support emails when you’re ready.

*Please note that if you want live chat disabled during certain hours, most softwares will allow you to schedule accordingly so that it turns on and off when you need it to.

Wrapping Things Up

Planning an event is a lot of work and we admire the effort and passion that event makers have for their events. Event makers spend a lot of time making the event an experience to remember, the last thing they want to do is be tied up with phone calls or emails. With live chat, agents can interact with event goers 24/7 giving them the flexible and on-demand experience they’re looking for without taking up valuable event maker time. In the end live chat saves you time, money, and resources all while enabling you to sell more tickets.

In conclusion, If you knew that an event goer’s ticket purchase was being hindered by one small question, you’d want to get it answered as soon as possible. Don’t let your event goers get lost in the buying process. Reassure them about their purchase with live chat and don’t let another minute go to waste.

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