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BYU student Parker Williams recently attended a lecture by Kreg Peeler, SpinGo’s founder and CEO. Following a subsequent conversation with Kreg, Parker collected and shared an article with insights on entrepreneurship, learning, vision, and SpinGo’s future. Here are some of the highlights:

Experiential Learning

Kreg explained the value of internships, both paid and unpaid:

“Don’t be afraid of a job that doesn’t pay anything,” he said. “At SpinGo, we have hired a lot of interns that come in and start working for free or for very little per hour. If they work hard, and are dependable, and bring some new skills to the table, they usually end up with a pretty good job. There are about 6 people who work for us now who are really on a path to being leaders in the company because they jump in and say yes to challenges.”

He quoted Bill Gates and Richard Branson about how becoming an entrepreneur is directly linked to experiential learning:

“If you want to learn how to be an entrepreneur, say yes to something that scares you to death, then figure out how to do it.”

Kreg mentioned that he loved events and film production, but didn’t initially know a lot about either:

“There was a lot that I didn’t know about each of those fields. I just started saying yes and started shadowing people who knew what they were doing, and pretty soon figured out how to do it myself and was able to use that as a skill to help me get more work.”


During his lecture, Kreg posed a question:

“How true are you to your vision? What is the essence of your vision? Understand what it is that motivates you and stay true to that. Don’t just sell out to the next opportunity even if it sometimes might pay more. In the end, you are going to be unhappy because you’re not doing what you love. Really find things that are exciting to you, things that you’re passionate about. Feel free to adapt the implementation of your vision, but I don’t think the vision changes all that much.”

Kreg gave the example of climbing a mountain. When you start off, you can see the peak at the top and your vision is to get there. There are multiple ways to get to the top, but the end goal is the same:  you want to stand at the top of the mountain knowing you accomplished everything you set out to do.

Founding SpinGo

“The founding vision I want to stay true to is to make a platform that solves problems for multiple people on different sides of the table. That would be the ultimate success for me—that people found a great event and, on the other side, people were able to market a good event to those people.”

SpinGo’s Future

Kreg was very excited to talk about the future of SpinGo and where he sees his company going. In regards to coming up with new ideas for the future, he said, “We look at what the market is doing and anticipate the needs before the people encounter the problems. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

Regarding the immediate future of SpinGo:

“We will be more centralized in a lot more companies. You’ll see some new things coming out from those companies that are more event-centric. Providing a more intelligent user experience, where you can ask a vague question and get an intelligent answer—that’s one part of it. The other is we will be able to help event makers more. We want them to say, ‘I can go to SpinGo and get more immediate results.’ We also want to provide more analytics and visibility into where the dollars are going and what kind of return they (event makers) are getting.”

The Big Three

1.  What single piece of advice would you give to college students who want to become entrepreneurs?

“Think of a university like a zoo. It’s valuable to see the animals, but don’t get caught in the cage. There’s a ton you can learn by watching the animals, there are a lot of things you can analyze about your life and about the world in general, but if you stay too long, you get caught in the cage.”

2.  What are you currently reading?

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull, Founder and President of Pixar

3.  What skills do you feel are essential to be successful in entrepreneurship or business?

Tenacity. Stay stubborn about your vision. Stay secure in your convictions, but take criticisms and feedback on a better way to accomplish your vision.

Author Profile

Kreg Peeler
Kreg Peeler
Kreg is the Founder & CEO of SpinGo. He is committed to creating extraordinary experiences and simplifying the lives of event makers. He has been in the event tech industry for 18 years and has helped over 7 million events. Kreg is also the CEO of Aktify, a customer acquisition engine that qualifies and reactivates prospects through goodwill experience marketing.