Introducing SpinGo Event Master

Easy ticketing, seamless event management, and powerful marketing

Introducing SpinGo Event Master

SpinGo introduces SpinGo Event Master – the only ticketing solution that integrates with your scheduling, reporting, marketing, volunteer management, and other tools you need to manage your event. Access it all from a single, easy-to-use dashboard, and bid farewell to managing your event with spreadsheets. SpinGo Event Master includes three major features to simplify the entire event organizing process:


With SpinGo Event Master, you can now enjoy headache-free ticketing. Event Master gives your attendees a single ticketing page that takes them through the entire purchasing process- from start to finish. There are no redirects or multiple websites needed. Everything you need for your ticketing comes from one source. Here’s what you get with Event Master:

  • Easy Check-in – Scan multiple tickets at a time to cut down lines at the door.
  • Platform Compatibility – Use the latest ticketing technologies, including, Passbook, MMS, Epic Photo, RFID, and more.
  • Multiple Pricing Levels – Accommodate various ticket prices and easily upgrade any ticket. If you want a uniform price for your tickets, that works too.
  • Product Sales – Sell event products in addition to tickets such as t-shirts, cds, wristbands or whatever you hope to move off the shelves.
  • Promo Codes – Accept and track promo codes, run campaigns and redeem vouchers.
  • Reports – Track sales and trends


In addition to providing a user friendly ticketing experience, Event Master organizes schedules for:

  • Event Planners – planning an event is hectic, sticking to a schedule is vital – your schedule is now synced with the rest of your event.
  • Special Guests – including artists, musicians, keynote speakers, celebrities, and more.
  • Attendees – Print and display the events available to the attendees.

Balancing these three schedules takes the stress off of you, as you can track what needs to get done no matter where you are. Event Master provides a single entry system for your event so you can easily schedule meetings, lunches, photo-ops, panels, autograph sessions, and more. Event Master has the capability to schedule both public and private schedules, so you don’t accidentally print a schedule for a private event.

Once you add an all the events into your schedule, you can use it to populate the web, your app, digital signage and can be used to generate your printed program.


Event Master saves time and money by giving you the ability to manage volunteers, guests, panelists, and exhibitors, all from one place. Having one dashboard for all your management needs makes finding and tracking your event  Here’s what’s included:

  • Volunteer Management – Make assignments, schedules, and receive applications.
  • User Permissions – Get your entire team on the same page.
  • Reports – Track revenue, campaigns, promo codes, attendance, and more.
  • Marketing Programs – Create promo codes and send out emails to attendees.
  • Reserved Seating (coming soon) – Manage venues and seating.\

By creating an all-in-one dashboard for event ticketing, management, and scheduling, organizing an event just became a whole lot easier.

To use SpinGo Event Master for your event, click here.