Improving the Vibe at Your Event

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Improving the Vibe at Your Event

The other day, I was walking around an event and something seemed off. Here I was at a big event, yet the atmosphere lacked excitement. Even with all the people walking around, the event seemed quiet. People were walking into the event, but the big entryway was sparse and uninviting. There was no music playing, no visuals to capture people’s attention, and no interactive booths to keep people involved.

Based on my observations, here are three quick hacks to improve the vibe at your event.

Overhead Music

The most noticeable thing missing from the event was the presence of any sort of overhead music. It is incredible how the right type of music can change the energy level and excitement at an event. Music helps keep the energy up even after you have been at the event for a few hours. It helps set the tone and the mood you are trying to create. Without music, the event seems quite, isolated, and lacks the energy that could really take it to the next level. Diehard fans will enjoy your event no matter what, but for casual fans, music will enhance the experience for them.


65 percent of all people are visual learners. So what? You aren’t teaching anybody at your event, so why does it matter? If people are visual learners, they are most likely to be engaged by visual aspect of an event and will be impacted by visuals more than other senses. Visuals include video, graphics, lights, displays, decorations, and layout. Creating visually engaging displays or videos at your event will give people the opportunity to be engaged and immerse themselves in the vibe you are trying to create.

Interactive Booths

I’ve been to quite a few events where the there are aisles of exhibitors selling products, yet there are very few interactive booths for attendees. Event attendees pay good money to attend events, so it is worth providing interactive booths that will help entertain and leave your attendees wanting to come back next year. The booths don’t have to be complicated or expensive, either. It can be as simple as setting up a booth for corn toss, bringing in a photo booth, or having a karaoke corner. These types of booths give attendees something to do instead of just walk up and down the aisles.

Creating the right atmosphere for your event is critical for turning a good experience into a great experience. Music will bring energy and excitement to your event, visuals will create a magical and appealing atmosphere, and interactive booths will engage and entertain your attendees. By implementing these three ideas into your event, you will see happier and more engaged attendees.

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