How to Promote Your Events on Social Media

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How to Promote Your Events on Social Media

Everybody is on social media nowadays. People are more interested in your Instagram bio than your real life. Instagram is quite popular with 96.3 million users in 2018. Forecasting shows that it will rise up to 118 million in 2021.

Taking advantage of this obsession, people have used social media platforms for promoting their website, online marketing, and advertisements. If you are hosting an event which needs ample amount of promotion and advertisements, you can turn to social media too. It is cheap, easy, and you and reach out to many people at once.

Even the famous event marketing plans include the use of social media to create a buzz and update important information. Here we will talk about how to promote your event without spending any money at all.

Important Tips

Event promotion is a bit different than just putting pictures or commenting. You have to think about this from an advertiser’s point of view.

For example, Facebook has seen a constant rise in the number of monthly users from 100 million in 2003 to 2196 million in 2018. So, you can see how popular it is, and many people are selling on Facebook, their products using their popularity.

Therefore, you must include social media as a part of the plan of event market. Here are some tips that might make your task easier.

1. Hashtags

You must be hearing or seeing hashtags all over social media platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, hashtags have become a statement lately. Twitter has also seen an increase with 336 million active users in 2018.

A fancy hashtag will make your event look cool. Moreover, it will create enthusiasm among the target audience. Apart from boosting the attendance at your event, it will also work as a way to promote the event faster.

The mere creation of hashtag is not enough, you must use it and compel other people to use it. Make sure your hashtags have the following characteristics:

  • It should not be too long;
  • It should be unique and catchy;
  • It should be relevant to the event.

2. Early promotion

This should be a part of pre-event promotion. At least, you can start advertising on social media few months in advance to gain support and attract your target audience.

Well, people like to plan their life ahead, so if you start the promotion early, they will save that date to only visit your event. The earlier you start the social media promotion and the earlier you create the hashtag, the better it is for your event.

3. Sharing

You should try to increase the publicity of the social media posts by enhancing your networks. First of all, encourage the members of the organizing committee to spread the post with hashtags. Secondly, you may ask the speakers at your event to share the posts. The speakers definitely have a huge fan following. This will increase your chances of a successful event.

4. Online contests with offers

Simply posting updates, pictures, and information about event is not enough to create a buzz. You can do the following tasks:

  • Create online contests by putting up interesting questions about the topic;
  • If your topic is genetic engineering, then a template of the contest and the questions could be like “Who was the first one to introduce genetic engineering and when?”, etc.;
  • Try to have special perks for the people who answer first and correct. For example, the first 3 people that give a correct answer will get free goodies or offers;
  • You can also set up small challenges, and you may share some unknown facts.

5. Reward

After your encouragement to help you promote the event, you may see your followers going up. This would indicate the fact, people other than your team members and speakers are sharing your event posts.

You will notice the power of social media and sharing capabilities by the increasing rate of your followers. The least you can do is to follow individuals back and give their social media account a boost. It will encourage two-way communication.

6. Post-event buzz

If you plan to continue the event next year or every year, you must keep the social media flooded with either some posts, videos, and pictures of the event. You can make a short video of the event with people and post it late on. This really makes people engage in your social media platforms.


You can use the above-given tips to enhance the social media image of your event. The factors that affect what tips or ways to use for promotion depend on the type of event.

Some events may require fancy promotion while some business events should be promoted professionally. Along with social media advertisement, you can also use personalized emails and email signature to send to your attendees. In those email, you can provide your social media links to promote an event.


Author Bio: Sandra Larson from is a passionate writer who started her career on social media. After putting up some well-written posts on Facebook and Twitter, she realized her goals in life. Her aim is to reach out to as many people as she can with the power of her writing.

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