How to Pick the Right Event Title for Your Event

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How to Pick the Right Event Title for Your Event

A good event title is like a good headline – to the point and eye catching. In fact, when coming up with an event title, you should always approach it the same way you would writing a headline for an article. Your title should give your attendees an idea of what and why but still leave them wanting to know more.

The truth is, for the majority of people, your event title will be the first and only thing they read about your event. Knowing that, what type of information do you want to include into your event title? What type of information should you leave out? The right title will convert views into clicks, where interested readers can learn more about your event. Here are a few best practices for picking the right event title for your event.

Short and Sweet

Your event title should be direct and to the point. Since most people will find out about your event online, it is important to play by the rules of the internet. One of those rules is that search results only display 65 characters before being cut off with elipses (…).

If your event title is longer than 65 character, people may not read the entirety of your event title, which would leave them hanging in the dark. However, don’t have your event title too short, either. A good length to aim for an event title is between three and six words.

Let’s take a look at a couple of good event titles:

The Festival of Colors – This title is short, to the point, and you get a good idea of what the event is about. This title leads you to want to know more about what is going to happen.

The Parade of Homes – Another good example of an event title that helps you understand what is going to happen, yet leaves you feeling intrigued. It is short enough that you’ll read it, but long enough to plant an image in your mind.

Use Impactful Words

The difference between creating a great title for your event and a mediocre one is huge. A great title can be the difference between selling out and or scrambling to get people to your event. But with such limited real estate to work with, each word you choose needs to make an impact.

Consider using words that have strong emotional appeal associated with them. If you can choose words that stand out and stir up positive emotions such as excitement, joy, or curiosity, then your event title will leave a deeper impact on the people who see it.

If you can use words that evoke positive emotions and memories, your event title will capture readers attention.

Don’t Overthink It

Think of all the creative event names and titles you have heard of in the past. Coachella, SXSW, Burning Man, Bonnaroo, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, the Kentucky Derby, and Lollapalooza, for example. Some of these names are words picked out of the dictionary, while some of them are a summary of the best part of an event.

Creativity will help you as you try to decide the right name, but you don’t look too hard. By nature of events, there is something unique and individualized about your event. Find out what makes your event different, and then highlight it. There are a lot of marathons around the world, but the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon has a very unique aspect to it that sets it apart from other marathons. They simply took what makes their marathon unique, and used it as their selling point.

There is some defining attribute to your event that will set it apart, and your job is to find it and share it with your audience. Once you find out what your unique attribute is, you can work it into your event title.

Make Your Event Title SEO Friendly

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When you enter a search through a search engine, they bring back results. The results at the top of the page are the most SEO friendly because they got matched with your search term.

Choose a title that won’t have a lot of competing titles. A great example of this is Bonnaroo. How many other events have that name? If you search Bonnaroo on Google, it will easily be the first result that pops up.

What To Leave Out of an Event Title

Details: The purpose of your event title is to get clicks so people can find out more about your event. It is once they click into your event that they can start reading the details. Nobody was ever hooked by a headline saturated with details.

Duplicate Titles: Thousands of events happen every single day. Make sure the name you choose for your event doesn’t already exist. You will be found much easier online if your event name is unique as opposed to “City Event” or “Business Conference”.

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