Famous Monsters of Filmland: PPC Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

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Famous Monsters of Filmland: PPC Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

What’s it like working with the world’s first monster magazine?

Today we’re sharing the results from one of our most successful PPC campaigns. Back in August we were asked to create and manage digital ad campaigns for Famous Monsters of Filmland. With only 3 months until the Famous Monsters Halloween Convention, we were able to convert ads into ticket sales.

Famous Monsters of Filmland is a magazine highlighting the art of horror films. This year they were going to hold their first Famous Monsters Halloween Convention, a 3-day horror themed convention. The convention would feature famous actors and actresses from horror and sci-fi films and special events for attendees including film screenings, cosplay contests, haunted houses, ghost tours, and more.

The convention coordinators wanted their first year event to be well attended. The team also wanted a positive return on investment from pre-sale tickets. While organizing the Famous Monsters Halloween Convention, Phil Kim was referred to SpinGo to help him with his digital advertising.

Phil saw an opportunity to free up time for his staff and improve ticket sales through digital marketing. With only 3 months until the Famous Monsters Halloween Convention, Phil handed off digital marketing services to SpinGo.

SpinGo focused on 6 different marketing channels:

Facebook Event Ads: A simple way to raise awareness of the convention.

Facebook Prospecting Ads: Ads that redirect to a specific landing page outside of Facebook.

Facebook Retargeting Ads: Ads that display on Facebook and Instagram to visitors of Famous Monsters Halloween Con website.

Google Contextual Ads: Banner ads that display on horror genre websites to raise awareness to the targeted audience outside of Facebook.

Google Search Ads: Pop up on the top of the search results pages when somebody searches for specific keywords relating to the convention.

Google Retargeting Ads: Display to users who visited the Famous Monsters Halloween Con website on sites around the web.

SpinGo’s marketing team built a 2.5 month marketing strategy to sell pre-sale tickets and followed other marketing best practices: creating awareness, building urgency, and driving ticket sales. Using these techniques SpinGo was able to convert ads into ticket sales for the convention.

“One area of the campaign that did particularly well were the search ads” said Colin Matthes, Content Marketing Manager of SpinGo. “We spent a lot of time testing, tweaking, and optimizing the ads and keywords to make sure we were targeting the best keywords for the campaign. We ended up having incredible click-through and conversion rates from Google Search.”

SpinGo’s marketing campaigns for Famous Monsters of Filmland proved that pre-sale tickets can provide a positive ROI, even for a first year event, when there is little or no event name recognition.

Between August 14 – October 1, SpinGo achieved:

  • 4.77 Return on Ad Spend. For every $1 Famous Monsters of Filmland spent on Google or Facebook, they earned $4.77 back from ticket sales.
  • 2.4 million ads displayed.
  • 21,812 ads clicked.

“Our experience with SpinGo was great” said Dominie Lee, Director of Operations for Famous Monsters of Filmland. “The attention they gave our campaign and availability to assist when needed was top notch. I would definitely work with SpinGo again.”

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