Event Safety: How to Ensure Your Attendees Feel Safe At Your Event

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Event Safety: How to Ensure Your Attendees Feel Safe At Your Event

Recently, SpinGo conducted a new survey revealing how U.S. event attendees feel about their personal safety at live events and how their safety perceptions have changed after the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. The data poignantly revealed that recent attacks at live events impact attendees feelings of safety, with nearly 33 percent feeling worried that a violent attack may happen to them at a live event. Additionally, 33 percent feel they cannot rely on facility staffers to resolve a safety concern if one were to come up. Despite their concerns, the large majority (76 percent) still feel that live events are safe.

As event planners, you know that creating the right environment for your audience is essential to putting on a successful event. Part of creating that perfect setting comes for ensuring that your attendees feel safe, especially if they have never attended an event you’ve put on before. While it’s great that 76 percent of people feel safe as they go to events, what the data really says is that one in four people don’t feel safe. This means that people will potentially opt out from attending your event because they don’t feel comfortable for whatever reason. While the law of statistics says that you will never be able to make everybody feel safe, you can still make great strides towards improving the sense of security surrounding your event. Based on the data from our survey, we have a few suggestions to improve the feeling of safety at your event.

To harbor safety – security, location matter.

More than half of those surveyed (54 percent) feel there is a need to increase security measures at live events following the terrorist attacks in Paris. To alleviate those concerns, roughly one third surveyed said that seeing security personnel provides them with the greatest sense of security. At your event, see if it is possible to have a form of security at the entrance of your event. This doesn’t mean you have to have a police officer in uniform staring everybody down as they enter, but depending on what type of event you are running, that might not be a bad option. Larger events should have security personnel at the entrance, while smaller events can simply get away with a bouncer. If your event is small enough, a simple ticket check, or check in at the front should suffice.

Attending an event in a good area provides the second highest sense of security to your event attendees. When you are choosing a venue for your event, see what you can do to find a venue in a neighborhood with a good reputation. The survey also revealed that one of the factors that make attendees feel the most unsafe at an event is if they are unfamiliar with area where the event is taking place. Research is going to be of critical importance to you as you select where to host your event. Even if your attendees have never been to the venue you select before, if the venue is located in an area with a good reputation, they will feel better about attending your event.

Take me out to the…play.

When it comes to hosting your event, the type of venue you select matters greatly. The study revealed over 33 percent of people feel the safest when attending an event at a performing arts theater, followed closely by events held at small concert venues (26.83 percent). However, nearly 25 percent of event attendees have safety concerns when attending events at sports arenas/stadiums. So how do you solve this? Obviously, some types of events require certain venues such as major sporting events. However, some types of events are flexible for their location, such as concerts, conferences, lectures, etc. If your event is flexible, see if you can choose a type of venue where people will feel safest. If you have an outdoor event, your venue choice will be limited, but try and be creative to see how you can improve the location of your event if you feel safety is a concern for some of your potential attendees.

These are a couple of tips we have come up with based on the research we conducted, but we know there are other ways to improve the sense of security around your event. Below is an infographic with other data from the survey. See how the information can help you shape your event for the better and make your event a safe haven for all, so that your attendees minds can be focused on the reasons why they went to your event in the first place; to have fun, make memories, and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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