Event Reports & Analytics You Need

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Event Reports & Analytics You Need

Did you know that 35% of marketers look at revenue generated to measure event success? While revenue is important, the fact is that an event has many moving parts working together to make that revenue and it’s wise to track the success of each of those parts to make sure your event is a well-oiled machine.

However, the reporting side of events can be difficult and frustrating for event profs. Event profs are busy enough as it is and they don’t have time to track all of the analytics they need. This lack of reporting and tracking can affect sponsorships, grants, and budget. This is where event reports come in handy, and no event management platform does reporting better than Event Master.

With Event Master, event profs get access to several detailed reports to help them analyze their event’s overall performance. These include:

Ticket & Product Finance

All data relating to sales (breakouts of subtotals, service fees, tax, etc) by date, by product, etc. How many tickets and correlating revenue came through all different ticket types.

Ticket & Product Redemption

Real time reporting of tickets as they are checked-in to the event. As the event occurs, you can watch and see which types of tickets are checking in, etc. Of course after the event, all this data is available to you.

Sales Trends

You can look at sales over the last few days, weeks, months, to determine where spikes or lulls were. You can also measure sales trends against previous events- for example, two weeks before this same event last year, we had X tickets sold and $XX, compared to this year’s event two weeks before.

Event Goals

You can set goals (# of tickets sold by ticket type, or $ of revenue earned by ticket type, etc) and be notified when they are reached.

Marketing Channels

You can build campaign codes to use for various digital campaigns. You can then see if more sales are coming through Google vs Facebook, for example, or which type of campaign or ad is performing better, etc. You can see which campaign codes are driving XX tickets and $XX in revenue, etc. You can also see the same data for all promo codes.

Product Vouchers/Comped Tickets

Of course each event needs to know how many free tickets they provided. You can see all data relating to free tickets- how many were given, how many checked in day of, etc.

Vendor/Exhibitor Booth Sales

All data relating to exhibit sales (breakouts of subtotals, service fees, tax, etc) by date, by product, etc. How many exhibit spaces sold and correlating revenue.

Detailed reporting can drastically impact your event, but don’t take our word for it.

“Using Spingo’s program we have captured valuable purchaser information which helps us secure tourism grant funds for the next year’s rodeo” said Cindy from Bit N’ Spur Rodeo. “We have increased the amount of grant money due to the data we now have available.”

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