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Easy ticketing, seamless event management, and powerful marketing

Peerless Group + SpinGo = Event Success

First off, when it comes to throwing an impactful event, everyone involved should have the same creative vision and end goal.  As a team, we strongly share the same drive to make these events as original and cool as they are.  Most everyone at Peerless originally stems from artist backgrounds, so we all have an…
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SpinGo, Sundance, and StartSLC

For as much as we deal with events at work, we still make it an effort to attend them whenever we can. This goes beyond SpinGo as a company, but extends to the individual employees as well. Whenever someone new is brought on, we ask them to introduce themselves by telling us what their favorite event was. The answers give…
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Country Explosion Succeeds With SpinGo

This past weekend, Country Explosion 2014 – a music festival highlighting some of country music’s top performers – was held at the Deseret Peak Complex in Tooele County, Utah. For four days, attendees could camp out or attend single day performances, visit the water park inside of the Complex and spend time at indoor/outdoor vendor…
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