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Using News & Media Ads to Boost Your Event Marketing

The digital age of advertising is fully upon us as old fashioned tactics for advertising continue to be replaced by more targeted, effective, and efficient ads on the internet. Now that more than 3 billion people around the world use the internet, marketing for your event becomes most effective by using internet to share your…
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8 Landing Page Services to Try Out for Your Next Event

Your event landing page is one of the most crucial components of your marketing efforts. It’s where potential attendees learn more about the important details of the event like how to get tickets, when and where it’s happening, the program lineup, parking info, etc. Ideally, this is the place where all your event listings, email…
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How to Blog for Your Event

Last week, I wrote about the reasons why you need a blog for your event, but I want to move past the reasoning for why you need a blog for your event, and focus more on the technical aspects of blogging – the how to create a winning blog for your event. Maybe some of you…
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Why You Should Be Blogging About Your Event

Many online detractors claim that the internet has moved past blogs and that blogging nowadays will have little to no impact on your site because blogs flood the internet. While these critics rave about the dawning of a new day, one without blogs, they overlook the crucial fact that the reason the internet has so…
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How to Name an Event

Whatever name you choose for your event, it should instantly convey the gist and hook your audience. Accomplishing a good name is harder than it looks. If it’s too logical, it might not be exciting enough. If it’s too unusual, it might miss the mark. There are only so many words in the dictionary, and…
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