Brand Your Event in 5 steps

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Brand Your Event in 5 steps

We’ve all heard of the term “branding” but do we really know what it means? According to GEVME, a brand is a “Sign, symbol, words, unique design or a combination of these” that helps consumers identify a company of certain value and benefits. Meaning, your brand is what consumers will associate with quality and satisfaction. 

However, when you are branding an event the meaning differs and it’s important to know that your branding has to go beyond visual marketing. With event branding, you want to create a feeling and vibe around your event that attendees remember long after your event is over. Effective event branding creates loyal attendees and memorable experiences. The better your brand is marketed at your event, the more people will remember your event and associate positive attitudes with it. 

Makes sense right? If I attend an event for Coca Cola and I have an amazing time, I may grab a coke few months later and think back to that experience. The trick is making sure the feelings and vibes established at your event are positive for your attendees.

So how do you create this event brand that evokes positive feelings and wows your attendees?

Here are 5 steps to effectively brand your event:


1. Creating your event brand. Bizzabo says it best, your event brand should be your company brand with a little twist. Try thinking of the twist as whatever theme you pick. For example, if you’re a fun tech company then maybe you pick a casino night theme for your event. In that case your event brand could become something like “Disrupting Old Vegas”.

2. Creating an event hashtag. An event hashtag is a hashtag that attendees can use on social media to share their experiences around your event. They can use this to express excitement before the event, share pics from what they’re doing during the event, and share thoughts they have after the event. Your event hashtag can be as simple as putting a hashtag in front of your event name like #techsummit2018 or #coachella. Of course, feel free to get creative with your event hashtag but just remember to give yourself enough time before your event to bring awareness to your hashtag. You’ll want to start using your event hashtag on your own social media channels s month or two in advance of your event.


3. Promoting your brand at your event. Don’t just do the same old t shirts, banners, and posters. Get creative with your branding. Here are a couple of ideas:
1) Try edible branding by providing food with your company logo on it.

2) Provided a gif booth that created a gif with your logo in the bottom corner.

3) Use an event app customized for your event to engage attendees.


4. Utilizing Social Media. We’ve all heard to be careful what we post on the internet because it stays there forever, but this can actually be a good thing for your event. Having attendees post selfies or pics from your event is great because it doesn’t just promote your event for the time being, it will also stay in social media history so that if your company is throwing another event next year and people search for it pics from the past event will come up. This establishes credibility for your event, if attendees can see all the fun people had at the last event they’ll be more interested in attending your upcoming event. The best part is, you can encourage attendees to post on social media during your event with social media printout props like the one shown above. CrowdSigns is just one of many places you can order customized social media props for your event.

5.  Following Up Post Event. Appreciation goes beyond just saying thank you. Your attendees have taken the time to attend your event and you want to show them that you are thankful. Try sending a handwritten thank you card or a small treat. You want them to remember their experience with your event fondly. It’s also a smart idea to add something like “See you next year” somewhere in your thank you card. You want them to start thinking about attending next year’s event and a thank you card can go a long way.

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