Author: Colin Matthes

Easy ticketing, seamless event management, and powerful marketing is Gone – Here’s The New Workaround

In August, Google sent out an email that caused quite an uproar in the marketers and SEMs who use Google Ads and more specifically Google Display Network campaigns.   The contents of the email? The long-running workaround for excluding mobile apps from your campaigns by adding as a placement exclusion is now completely inactive.…
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The 5 Minute Logo Maker for Your Event or Organization

Do you need a logo for your event? If you have everything else set up and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a freelancer to give you a logo you don’t think you’ll like, we have an affordable event logo design tool for you. The tool is called LogoType Maker.  …
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Better Volunteers for Your Event

As Director of Client Success at SpinGo, I get to work with many talented event makers as they prepare for their events. We talk through better ways to manage vendors, setting up clear event schedules, creating urgency for ticket sales, and beyond. However, there is one portion of event planning that always seems to get put on the…
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Event Profs: It’s Time to Unplug

I’m a big fan of experiences, but I have to admit that sometimes I don’t enjoy them to the full extent. A lot of times my experiences are clouded by constant interruptions from notifications, pulling my attention away into my screen. Sometimes, I get pulled in so deep that the experiences don’t happen at all.…
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10 Ways to Better Manage Your Event

The greatest part of being an event success manager is getting to talk with event makers about their challenges and triumphs. As I’ve worked with event makers over the last three years, I’ve come to find that events are messy on the back end with so many moving parts. From selling tickets to finding the…
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