Author: Jeff Lew

Easy ticketing, seamless event management, and powerful marketing

Who’s Listing Events on SpinGo?

SpinGo receives more than 40,000 event submissions each month from a wide variety event makers looking to get the word out. Most of these submissions come through our calendar network, and they create a diverse selection of unique events. SpinGo displays events of all shapes and sizes, but we can typically assign submitters of any event type to…
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Finding and Managing Solid Event Volunteers

If you’re organizing an event, solid volunteers are crucial for its success. You know the kind. They’re the ones that are reliable, energetic, and diligent. They make your event a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. How do you find and keep solid event volunteers? Read on for some simple advice. Where to Look One…
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Email Marketing: Best Practices for Events

Even as social media marketing becomes more prevalent, email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to attract attendees to events. In fact, this report by consulting firm McKinsey shows that email marketing is nearly 40 times more effective for acquiring customers than Twitter and Facebook combined. That’s because 91 percent of all US consumers still…
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A Few Thoughts About Event Branding

Disneyland makes my friend cry. She cried when she was 12. She cried when she was 20. She cried when she was 28. Without fail, every time she goes to Disneyland, she cries. Or rather, every time she leaves Disneyland, she cries. Her eyes start stinging right on cue as she strolls down Main Street for the…
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When to Promote Your Event

So you have an event coming up. The date is set, your budget is set, and you’ve identified which marketing channels will be the most effective in reaching your target audience. Now that you’re ready to get the word out, when should you start promoting your event? Timing is critical. Advertise too early, and your…
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