Author: Colin Matthes

Easy ticketing, seamless event management, and powerful marketing

How to Create an Event Listing That Sells

If you have a limited marketing budget, event listings are a great (and free) way to get the word out. There are many event calendars and places to list your event online, including the SpinGo Calendar, and the best part of getting listed is that your event is displayed in front of people who are…
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How to Name an Event

Whatever name you choose for your event, it should instantly convey the gist and hook your audience. Accomplishing a good name is harder than it looks. If it’s too logical, it might not be exciting enough. If it’s too unusual, it might miss the mark. There are only so many words in the dictionary, and…
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Content Marketing for Your Event

As social media evolves and mobile phone usage continues to increase, content marketing trends change. What worked three years ago in doesn’t necessarily work today. But the trick to getting noticed through content marketing isn’t about making sure you are keeping up with the pack with your content, but to lead the pack. Having superior content will take your event from being…
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What’s The Difference Between a Conference, Expo, Trade Show, and Summit?

Throughout each year you will receive numerous invites to conferences, expos, summits, trade shows, and a slew of other professional events meant to help you connect and share your product or services with others. However, there is only so much time in a day and resources are limited, especially when travel is required to reach…
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Understanding How to Market Your Event to Millennials

Millennial Characteristic: Millennials are the largest, most diverse generation in the U.S. population. The largest one-year age cohort is only 25. What it means to you: Millennials are very young in terms of purchasing power. Many Millennials are establishing themselves in the workforce, paying off student debt, and making substantial money for the first time in their lives.…
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