Author: Colin Matthes

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The Human Touch: Why One Event Maker Focuses on Building Relationships for a Successful Event

Iva Nedelcheva remembers the day she decided she was going to be a full time event maker. It was back in 2002, as she was completing her masters degree from NYIT that Iva organized and put on a charity fashion show for one her friends and followed that up by worked on the Miss Bulgaria pageant, and she…
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How to Blog for Your Event

Last week, I wrote about the reasons why you need a blog for your event, but I want to move past the reasoning for why you need a blog for your event, and focus more on the technical aspects of blogging – the how to create a winning blog for your event. Maybe some of you…
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Using Facebook to Promote Events

When Facebook Events first launched in 2005, it became more of a platform to share parties, rather than a place to list events. Now, more than a decade later, Facebook has begun to develop its platform to be much more useful for events. In fact, the company has made some small but impactful changes in recent…
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Why You Should Be Blogging About Your Event

Many online detractors claim that the internet has moved past blogs and that blogging nowadays will have little to no impact on your site because blogs flood the internet. While these critics rave about the dawning of a new day, one without blogs, they overlook the crucial fact that the reason the internet has so…
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3 Sites to Find Volunteers for Your Nonprofit Event

Time and money: the two things every nonprofit wishes it had more of. While the ultimate question is how to get more of each, one solution to having more time and to make your dollar stretch further is to use volunteers for your nonprofit. Many hands make light work, and using the services of volunteers…
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