is Gone – Here’s The New Workaround

Easy ticketing, seamless event management, and powerful marketing is Gone – Here’s The New Workaround

In August, Google sent out an email that caused quite an uproar in the marketers and SEMs who use Google Ads and more specifically Google Display Network campaigns.


The contents of the email? The long-running workaround for excluding mobile apps from your campaigns by adding as a placement exclusion is now completely inactive.


In case you did not know this, I’ll give you a minute to recover…


Alright, let’s continue.


Yes, as of September 2018, Google disabled the placement exclusion, making it difficult and confusing for marketers to get rid of those annoying mobile app placements.


And that’s not the only rough news. When setting up your campaigns, Google used to give you the option to remove specific devices from your campaign targeting.


You used to be able to deselect device placements like “Tablet app”, “Mobile app”, “Mobile app interstitial”, and “Tablet app interstitial”.



This section has now been simplified down to only include “Computers, Mobile, and Tablet.”


So now what? Is it impossible to exclude app placements from your display campaigns? Is this what the new world look like?


The short answer: No, it is not impossible to exclude app placements. For now, there is a workaround that we will show you.


Here is how you exclude app placements from your Google Display Network campaigns.


Excluding Mobile App Placements in Google Ads


The process begins going into the campaign where you want to exclude app placements. If you are wanting to exclude them from your entire account, go into a campaign that you want to remove them from (I’ll show you the trick in a minute).


Google Ads Campaign



From here, select the “Placements” tab on the left side of your screen and then click the “Exclusions” option above the center section.



Once you have clicked the “Exclusions” tab, you will be given a screen that lets you select which Websites, YouTube channels, YouTube videos, Apps, and App categories you want to exclude.


Here you need to decide where you want to exclude app placements. Are you excluding app placements from the entire account, the campaign, or just the ad group?


In this example, we are going to exclude all app placements from our account, so we change the “Exclude from” option from “Campaign” to “Account”.



For the final step, you need to click on the “App categories” menu and manually check all 140 categories that lie within the “Apple App Store” and “Google Play” drop downs.



Once they are all selected, add them to the exclusions list they the appear on the right side of your screen. Then go ahead and click “Save” and you are done!



A little tedious? Yes. But if you are doing this at the account level, you only have to do it once.

Life in a Post World


To sum things up, is now completely inactive. Kaput. Dead. So are the advanced settings under the “Devices” tab.


But there are still workarounds to removing app placements from your account and campaign levels that take a just a minute longerbut will do the job.


This change can be and probably is a major inconvenience for you and your marketing efforts, but with the help of this workaround, we hope you are able to continue on as close to usual as possible.