7 Teamwork Hacks to Effectively Organize an Awesome Event

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7 Teamwork Hacks to Effectively Organize an Awesome Event

Every event planner has their own flair for organizing and running an event. Are you the detail-oriented, organized, task-list type of leader, or are you the impulsive, creative, visionary type? Either way, it is important to know how to work effectively with your team so that your event can run smoothly from start to finish. Here are 7 things you can do to effectively work with your team to organize an awesome event.

1.  Outline and be very specific what your goals are for the event.

Whether it is increasing attendance over last year, increasing donations or sponsorships, gaining a larger social presence or simply creating a memorable experience for your attendees, it’s important that you define early what success looks like.

2.  Organize your team according to their strengths.

Make sure you have the best person in each position for the job. Each person on your team has individual strengths that will help your event succeed. And just because one person may have previous experience doesn’t mean they are the best fit. Take into account their personality and how it fits into your organization. The best person to sell sponsorships may not be the relationship salesperson. It could be the person who is meticulously organized and will be sure to keep following up to get a deal closed.

3.  Set individual goals with your team.

Giving each team member specific goals will help them understand how what they are doing ties into the larger event goal. It also gives them a way to measure their personal success.

4.  Meet weekly with each member of your team to review progress and ensure open communication.

This will help you know if you are running behind or ahead of schedule and keep a constant pulse on how things are coming together. It will also give you transparency into areas where you may need help or additional attention. This will eliminate some of the chaos that usually takes place in the last few days leading up to the event.

5.  Talk about and celebrate the wins along the way.

Putting an event together is not easy. Celebrate the successes along the way. Maybe one of your teammates saves you an extra $1,000 by going the extra mile and getting a couple of extra bids. Feel free to make it a big deal and talk about it. Buying them lunch or throwing a small gift card their way is a nice way to show your appreciation, too..

6.  Break projects out into weekly assignments.

Create a backlog of each project that needs to be done prior to your event, and then assign projects to your team based on priority. Have your team select which projects they want to work on and complete that week. Have them break those projects down into tasks and keep track of them as they are in progress and completed. Have a daily meeting to discuss what has been worked on, what is in progress and what is done. This is a great opportunity to identify roadblocks and obstacles, or time needed for collaboration with team members.

7.  Inspire creativity.

Encourage your team to challenge the way things are done. Allow them the freedom to explore interesting ideas. More than likely they’ll have a lot of bad ideas, but along the way, they’ll produce some winning ideas as well..

Remember, your event and your team are unique. Each member of your team has strengths that will lift your event to new levels. Take the time to meet with them one-on-one and discuss those strengths and how they can be applied to your event. Setting goals and holding people responsible for those goals will improve the productivity of your team, and will provide order and a sense of accomplishment to your team along the way.