6 Reasons Why We Should Be Running Your Ads

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6 Reasons Why We Should Be Running Your Ads

If you didn’t know, we don’t just do calendar ads. 

That’s right. Our event marketing services go above and beyond to make sure your ads are seen on the top platforms like Facebook and Google. We can run: 

– Facebook Event Ads

– Google Display Ads

– Google Retargeting Ads

– Google Search Ads

– Instagram Ads

– SpinGo Calendar Ads

With so many platforms to run your ads on, it can be overwhelming to try to master each one. That’s why with SpinGo you’re getting our PPC Specialists who are trained and certified to help you optimize your ads. Not only we will create your ads, we’ll also monitor them and make changes to make sure they get the most success. Need more convincing? Here are 6 reasons why we should be running your ads: 

1. When you open your credit card statement and realize you left an ad running.

Crap!  This happens all the time. If we are running your ads, it’s one less this for you to worry about. Not to mention you will have an account manager you can call anytime for any reason.

2. You only know how to Boost your posts and the term “Facebook Ads Manager” doesn’t ring a bell.

Boosted posts only reach people you know. You have to use Facebook’s Ads Manager to reach an audience outside of the one that already knows you or about your event. If you haven’t used the Facebook Ads Manager before… it’s no cupcake. We have quality trained and certified ad ninjas creating and optimizing.

3. Reached X number of people is how you base your success.

Sure reaching a large amount of people is great, but that’s not how you should be measuring the success of your post. Your post should be measured by the impact it has. Did people click on it? Look at your website? Buy a ticket? These are all the aspects that SpinGo’s PPC Specialists know how to optimize for maximum results.

4. You don’t know what keywords to be using.

Guessing appropriate keywords without knowing what terms people are really searching for can hinder your post’s success. Doing keyword research takes time if you don’t know what to look for. Here at SpinGo, not only can we find the right keywords for your post, we also know how to implement those keywords to get your post ultimate visibility. Don’t know how to use symbols like +, “, and ], for your keywords? Don’t worry, we do.

5. Your time is better spent figuring out how to top last year’s event.

Every year it’s a daunting task to figure out how to make this years event bigger and better than last year, so let us take the weight off your shoulders and do your digital marketing ads. We know how to get your ads shown to the right people, at the right time. Spend more time focusing on what’s important to you and let us do the rest.

6. Facebook is changing their newsfeed algorithm. 

Facebook recently announced that in the next 3-4 months they will be changing their newsfeed algorithm so that friends posts are prioritized over business posts. This means that PPC will become more valuable than ever on Facebook. It’s going to be your best shot to get the word out about your business or event. We’re experts in Facebook PPC and we’ll help you navigate this change so that you can rest easy knowing your ads will be seen. 

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Sara Baker
Sara is Director of Product Revenue at SpinGo. With an extensive background in product marketing, she works with our customers to find out what they need and then figures out how we can improve our products to meet those needs.