6 Event Profs You Should Follow in 2016

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6 Event Profs You Should Follow in 2016

When it comes to learning from event experts, we believe in following the event profs who will simplify your lives by giving you best practices, tips, advice, and tell you about technology that can take your event to the next level. But the old adage that ‘more is always better’ isn’t necessarily true when it comes to the number of event experts you follow on social media. If you follow every event prof, you’ll end up getting bombarded with so much information that it is impossible to keep up!

Let’s be honest: your time is valuable, and you only have a few minutes each day to dedicate to learning about best practices and updates in the event industry. That’s why we decided to make a compressed list of the 6 best event profs to follow in 2016 so that you can quickly sort through the articles that are relevant to you. Now that’s a way to save time!

Julius Solaris @tojulius – Julius Solaris is the editor of Event Manager Blog. If you haven’t been to his site yet, stop whatever you’re doing, and go check it out right now. It’s that good. Based in the U.K., Solaris shares his knowledge with event professionals worldwide on topics such as event planning, social media and events, event technology, and event trends. While he focuses mostly on professional B2B meetings, he dishes out info on social media trends and the best tech that are applicable for any event.

Liz King @lizkingevents –  Liz King is an event planning superhero by day, and a closeted tech geek and introvert by night. She runs her own blog, Techsy Talk, that was built by event planners for event planners. Liz stays up to date on her best tips and practices for event planning, and tweets them out regularly while constantly updating her website with the best content. Some of her features include, “Behind the Hustle, Event Tech of the Week, and Event Planning”. Liz is the event planning guru.

David Adler @davidadler – David Adler is the CEO of event news giant, BizBash which covers event planning, production, and event trends in marketing, design, and style. If you want to hear what other events did to achieve success, this is the event prof to follow. You’ll find inspiration for your event by reading about great ideas that have worked for other events. With BizBash, there is no shortage of event news. Adler is always sending out resources for event makers whether you are a non-profit or a high profile event planner.

Kreg Peeler @kregpeeler – SpinGo’s founder and CEO, Kreg posts content that will help you make, market, and manage your event. Kreg makes a name for himself as an #eventprof by speaking to every type of event maker, no matter what your event may be. While many #eventprofs speak directly to B2B professionals who plan conferences, meetings, and trade shows, Kreg speaks to events of all shapes and sizes from music festivals and comedy shows to comic-cons and wine-tastings. For those whose events are outside the realm of professional meetings, Kreg is the event prof to follow.

Amanda Cey @ABCeyEvents – Amanda Cey is the founder of ABCey Events – which specializes in private and corporate event planning, production, and management. Amanda is always serving up tips and advice and keeping us up to date on the latest trends. You can bet you’ll get the best advice by following Amanda.

Dahlia ElGazzar @DahliaElGazzar – Dahlia ElGazzar runs the website The Meeting Pool, and is an #EventTech evangelist and speaker. Dahlia knows the best apps and tech to make your event more productive, efficient, and organized. When you follow Dahlia, you’ll learn the best ways to take your event planning mobile. By following Dahlia, you’ll be equipped to work on-the-go, not just behind a desktop.

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