5 Ways to Leverage SpinGo When Promoting Your Event

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5 Ways to Leverage SpinGo When Promoting Your Event

You have an event coming up soon, but ticket sales aren’t quite where you want them to be. You have been trying a variety of tactics hoping to increase your sales, but nothing really seems to be working. What do you do to increase ticket sales?

Recently, Country Explosion, a four-day country music festival, was encountering a similar problem. They weren’t sure how to get their ticket sales up, so they turned to SpinGo, an event promotion platform that is designed to increase event exposure. Through dedicated work, SpinGo’s network, and increased exposure, Country Explosion increased their revenue by more than $17,000 utilizing SpinGo’s comprehensive promotion platform. Whether it’s increasing ticket sales, or finding the right audience, SpinGo can help you promote your event. Here are five ways you can leverage SpinGo to promote your event:

1.     Promote to the exact audience you want.

SpinGo has the uncanny ability of being able to promote your event to the exact audience you want. In SpinGo’s Event Engine, each event is specifically tagged for optimizing search queries, making it simple for event goers to find the types of events they are searching for, whether that is attending a rodeo or wine tasting. SpinGo’s advanced tagging system allows people to find the event they are looking for, so you can be assured that the right audience will find your event.

One of the great advantages of using SpinGo to promote to your target audience is that our partners have the ability to select which type of content they want to display. For example, an online music magazine may choose to show only upcoming concerts in their area. By using SpinGo, your event will be syndicated to all of our partners, providing your event with unrivaled digital exposure.

2.     Target anyone, anywhere.

Not only can SpinGo target your exact audience, it can also target any geographic region, anywhere in the nation. With at least four major media partnerships in every state, the SpinGo network’s extensive reach makes promoting  to people all around the country easier than ever before.

In total, SpinGo has over 1,200 media partners nationwide. When you promote your event with SpinGo, you are targeting a nationwide audience. If you work in California and need to promote an event in New York, SpinGo is the solution for promoting in far-off markets. No longer do you need to seek out local newspapers in unfamiliar markets, fumbling over whether this is the right source to place your advertisement, instead, SpinGo does that for you. With so many media partners, we have found the best outlets for getting the word out about events.

3.     Boost traffic, raise awareness, and build engagement.

One of the hardest aspects of putting on an event is getting people involved. Since most promoting isn’t done face to face with event goers, event makers must create captivating content to pique interest. Event makers have voiced their frustrations with Google, Facebook, and display ads as channels for boosting traffic to their site, saying that they don’t capture the attention of readers and don’t raise enough awareness of their event. They want a solution that will help them target event seekers and increase their click-through rates on advertisements. You can use SpinGo to increase awareness, buzz and engagement for your event.

While SpinGo uses Facebook, Google, and display ads to boost traffic, it has its own network where it connects with the people you are looking for. By employing an array promotional tools, SpinGo gets more people to your site, checking out your event. SpinGo further increases awareness about your event by providing you the option of how you want to list your event, either as a premier, feature or standard listing. While all are great options for increasing awareness around your event, a premier listing sees fifteen times more traffic than a standard listing. As traffic increases to your event, so will buzz and engagement, setting up your event for success.

4.     Increase ticket sales.

Increasing ticket sales is one of the most daunting tasks for any event maker. Your event has been planned and organized, but people just aren’t purchasing tickets to it. How do you increase ticket sales? In many cases, event makers turn to ticketing websites to solve their woes. The problem is, that while ticketing websites sell tickets, they don’t increase ticket sales. SpinGo, on the other hand, doesn’t sell tickets, but increases exposure, promotes to your audience, and has a national audience so that any event you promote can be found and attended. You may even choose to use both services; the ticketing website to sell your tickets, such as Eventbrite, Ticketfly, or Bandsintown and SpinGo to increase its digital exposure.

5.     Get New People To Attend Your Event

Typically, the same people attend the same events year in and year out. They go to the same festival, cheer for the same team, and attend lectures hosted at the same place. It’s easy, it’s comfortable, and it’s convenient. While we all appreciate these dedicated event goers, we are always looking to increase attendance to our events, which means finding new people, but how do we find them?

SpinGo finds new audiences for you by having a wide range of exposure through website listings and mobile apps. While word of mouth may the best way to promote an event, sometimes that word never breaks out from within a small social circle. With more than two thirds of Americans owning smartphones and over 80 percent of people having access to the internet, SpinGo can leverage its digital platform to get your event onto new screens and computers and into new social circles throughout the country. People can find out about your event at home, at work, or on the go. With more than 190 million monthly impressions within SpinGo’s network, new people are sure to find their way to your event.

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