4 Strategies to Market Mobile Fundraising to Your Event Attendees

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4 Strategies to Market Mobile Fundraising to Your Event Attendees

Mobile fundraising is an amazing tool for fundraising of all kinds. But like most tools, if people don’t know they exist (or don’t know how to use them properly), they’re likely to remain tucked away on a shelf in the garage, gathering dust.

Events are actually the perfect time and place to grab mobile fundraising right off the shelf and put it to good use.

With these 4 highly effective strategies for marketing mobile fundraising to your event attendees, you can be sure that your donors will know just how to get started with mobile giving.

1. Enlist the Help of Your Existing Donors

You’ve already promoted your event on Facebook. All the right people have clicked “Attending.” Your whole board is pretty jazzed about the guest list, and you’ve cultivated the perfect amount of buzz around your nonprofit’s event.

How can you take this excitement and make it work for you?

One of the simplest and most effective ways of marketing any kind of fundraising, online or offline, is through peer pressure.

No, not the kind of peer pressure that involves gum being stuck in someone’s hair or names being called. The positive kind that incites real change.

For most nonprofits, it’s known as peer-to-peer fundraising or P2P, and it’s an incredibly useful tactic for marketing your mobile donation page or anything else your nonprofit may choose to promote.

Essentially, your nonprofit will want to:

  • Reach out to its key influencers before your major event.
  • Give those key players (the movers and the shakers) the mobile fundraising tools they need to start a chain reaction.
  • Instruct your influencers to reach out to their social networks (friends, family, coworkers, etc.).
  • Sit back and watch as the magic of peer-to-peer fundraising unfolds!

When you leverage your existing donors, you end up reaching ten times as many potential donors as you might have otherwise.

2. Encourage Donors to Whip Out Their Phones

Even though asking for donations can at times be awkward or uncomfortable, everyone loves a good call-to-action.

That’s part of why live fundraising events are the absolute best times to reach donors and market mobile fundraising. You have everyone’s attention.

All ears are yours, and all eyes are on you.

Not to mention that fact that everyone is already in the giving spirit if they’re attending a fundraising event!

Even if it’s not specifically a fundraising event, a live event of any kind provides all sorts of opportunities to insert a plug for your mobile fundraising or text-to-give campaign.

Once you’ve captured your audience’s undivided attention, you can simply ask them to take out their mobile devices, whether they’re phones or tablets, and you can explain the mobile giving process.

After a short explanation, your donors should be ready to give! Bonus: they’re now primed to go home and tell all of their friends and family about this innovative new way to get involved with your charity.

3. Offer Positive Incentives

Everyone loves a great free T-shirt or promotional mug. At any live event, you’re sure to find a T-shirt cannon as well as a few dozen avid fans with arms wide open, waiting to catch that free tee.

Giving away items like mugs, T-shirts, and even really enticing gifts (like a $100 gift card to a nice restaurant) incentivizes donating. New donors and existing donors alike feel like they’re not only donating to a great cause, they’re also getting a valuable gift in return for their philanthropy.

In addition to providing physical incentives for giving, you can also offer different giving levels to encourage your event attendees to donate via mobile device.

Studies have shown that donors respond positively to the option to give at different levels. In fact, when given several different options, donors are much more likely to give a greater amount when compared with what they might have given if the choice were entirely up to them.

Essentially, offering a blank donation amount gives no incentive for donors to give as much as they’re capable of contributing. Why not incentivize your donors to give just that much more?

It is so easy to offer your donors some positive encouragement, a promotional shirt or two, and the option to choose a donation amount. If you implement these straightforward strategies at your next live event, you’re guaranteed to notice a positive change in no time.

4. Lather, Rinse, and Repeat.

On every shampoo bottle, you’ll find a sentence in the instructions that reads, “Lather, rinse, and repeat.”

How often do you actually repeat, though? And does it make a noticeable difference?

Unlike with shampoo, with marketing your mobile fundraising campaign, the key is to repeat.

You can’t expect your message to penetrate the hearts and minds of your donors if you only ever tell them once or twice.

Incorporating mobile fundraising into your existing fundraising marketing strategy is a major step that will take time and planning, but doing so is of the utmost importance if you want your ventures to succeed.

To incorporate mobile fundraising into your existing plans, your nonprofit can:

  • Send out reminders in email newsletters.
  • Include information about mobile giving in your direct mail campaigns.
  • Craft a compelling social media blast about mobile giving (with a link to your donation page, of course!).
  • Repeat your speech about mobile giving at every live event you have. You never know what new donors you may reach at each event, and it doesn’t hurt existing donors to hear the basics twice (or even five times).
  • Find new and creative ways to get the word out, however you see fit!

Whichever way you choose to repeat your message, the point is to remind people that giving on their phones is a viable, terrific option.

With a useful tool like mobile fundraising, the key is to make the instructions for use as simple and straightforward as possible. If you market it correctly, soon you’ll find that your donors are as handy with mobile giving as a carpenter is with a hammer and nail.


Guest Blogger: John Killoran – CEO, @Pay

John Killoran is CEO of @Pay, an exciting new fundraising technology that makes it easy for people to donate in two clicks from text, email, web and social media sites.

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