3 Ways to Keep Your Sponsors

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3 Ways to Keep Your Sponsors

Getting sponsors is one thing, but keeping them for your next event is a whole other task. Before your event you created relationships with your sponsors and it’s vital that you maintain those relationships after the event because what you do after the event is just as important as what you did before the event.

Following up with your sponsors after an event can lead to stronger partnerships and ultimately more money next year. So how do you keep your sponsors happy and ready to go for your next event?

Here are 3 ways to retain your sponsors:


Appreciation goes beyond just saying thank you. Your sponsors have taken the time to invest in your event and you want to show them that you are thankful.

Try sending a handwritten thank you card or maybe event a basket of treats. You want them to remember their experience with your event fondly.

Valuable Reporting

What’s better than telling a sponsor that their investment was successful for you and them? Showing them. Make sure that you have the proper tools to produce reports with analytics relevant to the goals that your sponsors originally set out to achieve.

Many sponsors are interested in lead generation which can be tracked through event management softwares like Event Master during the registration and check-in process. This is able to capture valuable attendee data that can be passed along to your sponsors. You’ll want to get an event report over to your sponsors within 24 hours of your event ending.

Awareness of Next Event

Once you’ve proven that your event was truly valuable for your sponsor, you have then earned the right to pass along information about next year’s event. It can be as simple as saying “See you next April” or “Stay tuned for more details regarding next year’s event”.

You may also want to think about pre-selling next year’s event sponsorships. If for some reason your sponsor is not able to be involved with next year’s event, feel free to ask for a referral. This can give you a lead to replace them with for your next event.

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