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10 Creative Event Flyer Ideas

10 Creative Event Flyer Ideas

A well designed event flyer has the perfect blend of art and copy, it generates AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), and it gets people to your event. The downside to flyers? They generally contribute to the visual noise that people are actively filtering out every day.

We’ve all been there. You’re walking through a festival, or a mall, or simply down the street, when someone hands you a flyer. You might take it to be polite, but then you toss the paper without reading anything or giving it a second thought.

The first job of your event flyer is to break through the noise and clutter.

Fortunately, whenever you put together an event flyer, you have the opportunity to create an ad that stands out and warrants a first, second, third, or fourth look. When you really know your target audience and understand what resonates with them, an event flyer can be memorable, shareable, and unexpected. Just be sure to start early and give your team enough time to come up with some concepts.

When executing these types of flyers, avoid being too gimmicky or being clever just for the cleverness’ sake. Creative ideas work best when the medium matches your message.

Here are 10 examples that expand messages beyond printed words and graphics:

1.  Transform it.

In addition to advertising a helicopter exhibit, this fun flyer instructs attendees on how to turn the ad into their own flying apparatus. This flying flyer is a great way to play into the audience’s curiosity and get people into the museum.


2.  Change the shape.

Everyone has seen a rectangular club flyer. A simple change in shape will help it stand out. Die cut flyers aren’t new, but to make the most out of them, choose a shape that best exemplifies what your event is all about. This piece from Cat 5 Live Print is a great example of that.

3.  See more in the dark.

These flyers use glow in the dark ink to sell the message, “See more in the dark at the Chicago International Film Festival.” A simple story is presented in daylight, but another dimension unfolds when the flyer is viewed in the dark.

4.  Craft your message.

Adding a handcrafted touch can help your flyer be more engaging. Designer Robert Hellmundt ditched the computer to assemble some unique type by hand and photographed the end result for artwork in the completed flyers.


5.  Set it in motion.

Lenticular flyers can be a powerful way to demonstrate the essence of your event. A well-executed lenticular is a surefire way to grab your audience’s attention. This lenticular flyer was designed to promote Ochsenfest, a summer music festival in Germany. Ochsen means Ox in German.

6.  Fold it up.

Another great way to make your flyer interactive is to include instructions on how to create an origami piece out of it. In this flyer for Hearth, a social network centered on giving, the end result solidifies the brand message.

7.  Add a creative incentive.

This Drop Inn Hostel flyer is a variation on the die cut idea. In the company logo, the O is dropped. The flyer embraces this imagery and invites potential patrons to bring a “dropped O” back to the hostel for some discounted rates.

8.  Hide your message.

Normally you want your information to be seen right away, but a decoded message can be used to add mystery and intrigue to your flyer. This flyer from The Mandate Press proves that this medium doesn’t have to be childish or cheesy.

9.  Change the paper.

A change in paper might be all you need to juice up your flyer. Ditch the standard printer paper and select thick, high-quality stock. When someone feels how solid your flyer is, they’ll want to look at it. This HQD&B flyer uses 100% recycled pulp board to achieve that result.

10.  Some assembly required.

Balsa wood is some other lightweight material you can have some fun with. Though it’s not a flyer, this unique business card for a model airplane supply company delivers a completely functional design.


Event makers are bringing more and more of their marketing online, where it’s easier to measure things like engagement and ROI, but there’s still a place for event flyers in your arsenal. Attendees we’ve polled say that flyers are a good way to learn more about upcoming events.

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Jeff Lew
Jeff Lew
Jeff Lew was a Creative Director for SpinGo. He is now a Creative Director for Aktify, a customer acquisition engine that qualifies and reactivates prospects through goodwill experience marketing.


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