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Peerless Group + SpinGo = Event Success

First off, when it comes to throwing an impactful event, everyone involved should have the same creative vision and end goal.  As a team, we strongly share the same drive to make these events as original and cool as they are.  Most everyone at Peerless originally stems from artist backgrounds, so we all have an…
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Chromecast: A Digital Swiss Army Knife for Event Makers

Flat out, everyone should have a Google Chromecast. How could you not when this handy little streaming stick is only thirty bucks? For your average consumer, it’s a great way to bring all of our favorite streaming services to the big screen. For an event maker, the Chromecast has a lot of nifty tricks up its…
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Why choose a glass dildo over other dildos?

The firm and significant nature of a glass dildo?https://www.viva-awa.com/dildos?typically draw users to attempting it out. Most dildos are made from a Pyrex kind of toughened-up glass which is understood for its longevity. Special treatment is taken to make these glass Realistic Dildo(www.viva-awa.com/realisticdildo) a specialist field, so you have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. In our short article,…
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Say Yes

BYU student Parker Williams recently attended a lecture by Kreg Peeler, SpinGo’s founder and CEO. Following a subsequent conversation with Kreg, Parker collected and shared an article with insights on entrepreneurship, learning, vision, and SpinGo’s future. Here are some of the highlights: Experiential Learning Kreg explained the value of internships, both paid and unpaid: “Don’t be afraid of a job that doesn’t…
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How to Generate Buzz Around Your Event

There’s an abundance of events happening every week. With all the noise and excitement competing for attendees and attention, how do you get your event to stand out? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when generating buzz for your next event: 1. Use clean, high-quality pictures to draw interest. At SpinGo, we’ve hosted…
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