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Your event's first impression is important. SpinGo's sleek and seamless on-site experience is designed to impress with QR scannable and printable tickets, and the fastest printers in the west (and the east for that matter). You can print on just about anything, but our most popular options are event wristbands and badges. 

Wristbands & Badges

Stop wasting money, time and effort by sifting through pre-printed badges and wristbands at check-in. With SpinGo's process you can print each attendees badge while they check-in at just 2.33 seconds per badge. Print QR codes onto your badges and wristbands and easily track your attendees as they check-in to your event or specific vendor booths. Use this valuable data to improve your event, leverage sponsorship and create your best event to date.

Have lots of attendees that like to register at the door? No problem.
Don't worry about running out of ink - our thermal printers don't need it.


Check-In App

Throw out your hand stamps and stop collecting ticket stubs. Quickly scan in attendees with any device that has a camera and the Event Master App. The Event Master app also allows you to sell more tickets on site with less headache.


Below is a pricing breakdown on our most popular products. Give us a call for a detailed packaged estimate. (877) 377-4646

Daily Package
Weekend Package (3-day)
Printer $100 $300
Handheld Ticket Scanner $40 $80
Tablet Ticket Scanner $20 $40
Credit Card Swipers $5 $15
Badging Set-Up starting at
starting at


Not at all. Our printers are extremely fast, and can print a badge or wristband in just 2.3 seconds.
Yes. Event Master can print a badge or wristband for any ticket holder, regardless of when the ticket was purchased. We print badges and wristbands for walk-up registrants all the time!
Yes. SpinGo provides all printing equipment including printers, badges, iPads, and even routers to directly connect the printers to your internet source.
Yes, we can provide on site support from our outstanding honeybadger heroes for a daily fee. They typically arrive onsite one day before the event for setup, and can stay as many days as you need!
You get the most out of this technology when you use our software. But, if you're stuck in your current ticketing software, we can do an import for a fee of $100.

Proven Results

“SpinGo is easy to use on the front and back end. As the event manager, it was really helpful to have so many features (promo codes, reports, daily numbers etc) available for use and review!”