When to Promote Your Event

August 03 2015

So you have an event coming up. The date is set, your budget is set, and you’ve identified which marketing channels will be the most effective in reaching your target audience.

Now that you’re ready to get the word out, when should you start promoting your event?

Timing is critical. Advertise too early, and your audience might forget about it. Advertise too late, and they might make other plans.

The answer depends on the type of event and how much budget you have to market it.

After consulting and working with thousands of event promoters each month, SpinGo has seen a few patterns emerge for when event makers execute marketing campaigns. Take a look at the timeline below:



The duration of marketing campaigns is dependent on budget of course, but this should give you an idea of when event makers are generally promoting their events.

What does your ideal event promotion timeline look like? Let us know in the comments.