The Top 5 Inspirational Quotes for Event Makers

December 22 2016

It’s not easy to plan and promote an event. Here are a few quotes to inspire you through the tough times:



Sure, there’s never enough time in a day. But use deadlines to your advantage by forcing creativity and getting things done.




Executing an event is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. If you feel overwhelmed, try taking a breather to clear your head.




When it comes to creating an event, something inevitably goes awry. When it does, the best thing to do is to persevere through the challenge and find a solution, rather than dwelling on how it happened in the first place.




As an event maker, you have opportunities to lead and inspire the people with whom you work. Make them count.




You can define event success in many different ways. But if someone finds value in taking the time to attend, then you have indeed succeeded.




Jeff LewCreative Director, SpinGo

Jeff got his start telling brand stories as a copywriter for DDB Chicago, where he produced creative work for Wrigley, Altoids, McDonald’s, and Reebok. He joined SpinGo to help Event Makers tell their event stories and connect with audiences in meaningful ways.