SpinGo Makes Kitten Calendars?

April 01 2014

I remember one of the first times that Kreg and I shared SpinGo’s concept to our friends. The ability we had to bring the nation closer together, through events, was an exciting thing to share. It especially gave new meaning to our date nights because we had a comprehensive calendar that would help us to figure out an experience after dinner was over. For some of our friends, I think the concept of an online events calendar was still pretty foreign. When we would eagerly explain to them that Kreg was in the trenches, creating this amazing calendar, they hesitantly but supportively got on board. "There are so many calendars though, so what’s so great about yours? Is it a kitten calendar? Huh?"

I remember my smile vanishing briefly, only to be replaced with an even bigger one. HA! They thought we were in the business of creating paper, hang-on-the-wall calendars, and that kittens would be something noteworthy that would cause our excitement to be so huge! MeOW! Sadly, we’re not a maker of kitten calendars… but we do still help our furry friends with their online events. To help engrave that memory in our minds, we’ve decided to see what it would be like if our friends’ concept of a kitten calendar was real. So here it is… SpinGo’s Kitten Calendar!