SpinGo and All That Jazz!

March 04 2014

“With a gentle push, and a mild arc, the old cowhide globe hits home!” Does anyone still remember those days? I know I do. I may have been but a wee lass, but the memories are as vivid now as they ever were. Hot rod Hundley and Ron Boone with the call of the game, me with my 21-inch 480p high-def TV, and the Utah Jazz taking the home court against every team too scared to come into Salt Lake City and leave with a win. And yes, that even means the San Antonio Spurs! The days of Stockton-to-Malone were THE days, and although they’re long gone, new days are here and plenty of good can still be found with the team that is the heartbeat of this Beehive State. We’re a team as young as the Backstreet Boys in their prime, but with a lot more money to play with than they have now. RIP Backstreet. The Jazz have a nice young core of hard-working players and a lot of potential, like the California Raisins, but not nearly as wrinkly. I know they can’t help their wrinkles, but it still creeps me out. Oh, and every game, Trey Burke is helping us slowly but surely forget about Deron Williams!


SpinGo recently got awesome tickets to the Jazz game to witness a new changing of the guards (pun intended) by taking on Deron Williams and the Brooklyn Nets. Although we lost, Trey Burke made Williams look old and slow, again kind of like the California Raisins, or I guess even the Backstreet Boys now. A little closure in sports feels oh, oh so great! The game was great, the company and comradery was great, and seeing former head coach Jerry Sloan was just… well… great! Even over using the word great, is great.