Introducing SpinGo Reach

January 21 2016

SpinGo Reach is the most efficient way to list your event online. We heard from hundreds of event makers asking why there wasn’t a better, more unified way to list an event online. We know that life as an event maker is busy, and that there just isn’t enough time to enter the same event information on ten, twenty, or thirty event calendars. At SpinGo, we decided the problem had gone on for long enough, so we set out to fix it. The result was SpinGo Reach, the one-stop-shop for event listings.

SpinGo Reach works in three simply steps:

1. Enter your event onto SpinGo.

Every event has to be listed at least once in order for it to have a presence online. By adding your event onto the SpinGo calendar, you get the added benefit of having your event listing automatically distributed to the SpinGo Network for free, meaning your event already appears on dozens of event calendars.

Introducing SpinGo Reach

2. Select SpinGo Reach. Not every event calendar is part of the SpinGo Network.

We understand that there are sites specific to your audience that don’t automatically receive your event listing, which is why you can choose to add your event listing onto those calendars through SpinGo Reach. By selecting SpinGo Reach, you will get to select a minimum of five event calendars from the curated list of sites in the menu. The sites appear from highest to lowest in the amount of traffic they receive, so you can be sure to reach the largest audience. If you don’t see a site you are looking for, you can request it in the comment box below the menu of event calendar sites.

SpinGo Reach Complete

3. Click Submit.

Once you have selected at least five calendars and are ready to complete your order, hit the next button, and you will move onto the next step of your order. When your order is finalized, your event will be added onto the calendars you selected within two business days, and you will receive an email notifying you that your SpinGo Reach order was completed.


With SpinGo Reach, one event listing is all you’ll need to get your event onto every major calendar in your target city. You’ll save time on marketing so you can focus on the things that really matter, like planning your event. SpinGo Reach starts at $20 for the first five calendars you add and only $1 for every additional calendar after that. 

SpinGo Reach is initially launching in New York City, San Diego, and Denver, but will be introduced nationwide throughout the year. To try out SpinGo Reach for your event, click here!