Introducing Major Improvements to the SpinGo Event Submission Process

March 31 2015

When SpinGo wrapped up 2013—the year we launched our national event guide network—we ended up with 21,000 total events added to our platform. In 2015, we are processing that many submissions in a matter of days (*fist bump* to our marvelous content team).

With so many events being submitted to SpinGo, we wanted to simplify and streamline the process for event makers. Today we’re excited to release major improvements to our event submission process. So whether you’re adding an event to New York Daily News,, or any other website across our growing network of 5,500+ event guides, it’s never been easier to post an event online.


Click here to add an event.


Our team has been tirelessly designing, developing, and crafting this process to make it as smooth as possible, and we’re excited to share the result of all this hard work. Read on for a quick rundown of some new changes event makers can expect when adding their next event.


All new design.

We updated the page with a fresh look, and the all new design is in line with the self-serve promotion portal and other products we have previously introduced. Plus, we styled the form with improved functionality and overall clarity in mind.

Add your event



Choose a path.

The new form is completely upfront with what we want users to accomplish when they first arrive on the page. We added a new intro that asks submitters to create either a free listing or a promoted listing. The free path is for event makers who simply want to add an event to multiple websites with a single entry. The promoted path includes paid options for submitters who want targeted placement and maximum exposure.

Choose a path



Track your progress.

The new progress indicator provides context and illustrates where users are within the event submission process.

Progress Indicator


Add multiple days.

A new feature, which we’re extremely proud of, is the ability to add multiple days to an event listing. It’s dead simple to add an event that spans multiple consecutive days or regularly repeats throughout the month or year.


Getting started.

The new page is live now, and we’d love for you to give it a “spin” (ha, see what I did there?). If you have an upcoming event, add it to our distribution network at:


There’s more to come.

At SpinGo, we never stop refining and improving. Like I mentioned before, we’re tireless. This year we’re introducing a few more goodies to help event makers promote and manage events. To get the scoop, follow and message us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. We’d love to hear from you.