How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Event

November 03 2015

How do you learn? Are you the one who can sit and listen to lectures and understand everything perfectly? Or do you learn better when you watch videos and see pictures? For me, I am the type of person that learns by seeing and doing. If I can follow along with a video or see an image of how something is done, I know that I will be able to do it myself. Which is what makes Pinterest so effective for learning how to do things. But besides just providing visually enchanting photos, Pinterest is perfect for learning by vision. You can see and do, gathering ideas and inspiration for your event. Pinterest lets you search, click, and save images that will help you plan the perfect event.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing and most used social media sites that focuses entirely on visual. Pinterest is especially helpful for getting inspiration as it is a wall of images that link back to articles from around the web with instructions, ideas, and top ten lists. You can search for any term and look for inspiration on whatever you need. Pinterest is like a much better version of a google image search, as it specifically categorizes and lists images that are relevant to your search topic. Search anything and you will find hundreds of aesthetically pleasing images that will let you simply copy and paste the idea from the web to reality in a matter of minutes.

How to use Pinterest

Pinterest has a few different uses as you look for creative ideas for your event.


  1. Inspiration. What may seem like the most obvious of all the answers, Pinterest is there to spark your imagination and inspire you with new ideas for things you can try at your event. Do you need to look for centerpieces for tables at your event?  Do you want to see creative flyer ideas to hand out to people that will get noticed? Pinterest can help you find both. Simply enter the search term into the search box and start scrolling until you find something that you like. Luckily for you, most pins are connected to an article so if you have further questions or need more instructions, you can click on the image and it will link you to another site where you can find step by step instructions on how to do things.

    Pinterest inspiration


  2. Market Research. As you are searching for inspiration for you event, you can actually be doing lots of market research to see what you can add to your event to make it stand out. As you click on pins, you will notice a little number in the corner showing you how many people have pinned a particular pin. The more pins there are, the more people have posted it to one of their boards, meaning that they like the picture. This makes things really easy for you. If you want to find out what people want out of your event, you should look at Pinterest, gauge what types of activities, decorations, and lighting people want at events, and include it into your own. It is a simple way to do some free market research and see positive results at your event. If you are having a themed event, you can look at different pins and see what worked for other people so you can know they will work the same for you. With Pinterest, you will be in tune with your audience because you are listening to what they have to say.

    Pinterest market research


  3. Find Trends. Pinterest may be the best place on the internet to find out current trends. Unlike Facebook and Twitter which have high hashtag usage, Pinterest has images from all across the web and will display the most relevant pins first. Whatever is trending around the the world will show up at the top of your pinterest search board and you will be able to see what it is other people like. Then, Pinterest makes it easy to store that information by simply pinning that image to your own board. That way you never have to lose your ideas or your inspiration. Pinterest is a giant bulletin board for people’s wants and wishes.