How SpinGo Partners Use Events to Boost Website Engagement

October 01 2015

At SpinGo, we’re honored to be associated with such great partners. The legacies, the readership—we’re amazed by what's been built. We’re also super impressed with what some of our partners have accomplished by utilizing the SpinGo calendar and content. Take a look at some of these wins:

233% of Licensing Fee Earned Back in Promotional Rev Share - One of our partners has a calendar that’s paying for itself and and then some.


Premier Ad Space Sold Out. Again. - Another one of our great partners has become such a hot event discovery destination, that it consistently sells out its Premier ad space each month.


Submissions, Submissions, Submissions - Though it isn’t the largest news publication in its metro, or even the second largest, one particular partner is typically at the top of our list with the most public submissions.


A calendar that not only displays content, but increases website engagement, traffic, and revenue, is something we wish for all of our partners to have. We took a closer look at these highly successful partners to see what they were doing to achieve these results, and here’s what we found:


Descriptive Link in the Main Navigation

A descriptive, easy-to-find navigation link keeps a steady stream of traffic to your event page. A label like “Events” is adequate, but consider using something less generic like “Discover things to do” or “Upcoming events in Salt Lake”. When your navigation shows something relevant, your website achieves instant communication with your visitors.


Home Page Widget

Your home page is the perfect place to display timely, relevant content to your audience. They’re looking for information about what’s happening right when they land on your site. Local events are a natural draw and give users another reason to keep coming back. The Premier event ad space is also much more attractive to event promoters when it gives them a spot on the home page. Our partners that have home page widgets sell more Premier ads.


Additional Placement of Customized Widgets

Category widgets, like sports events or nightlife events,on applicable web pages, are another great way to display highly relevant content. A customized widget is easy to set up and enables targeted engagement.



Leveraging Event Content on Social Media and Other Channels

You can use your curated event content to entice readers to your website. “Top 5” events lists and similar content build a lot of engagement on both social media channels and their websites. An editorialized event program gives you consistent output. You can focus your content even more with category lists like “Top 5 Music Events This Weekend” or “Top 5 Family Events…”


The best events in #SLC are listed for this weekend! What will your plans be? @KSLnews #Utah

— SpinGo Events (@SpinGoEvents) September 30, 2015


Prominent “Submit” Link

You don’t have to chase down content when the public is submitting it for you. Event submissions are a great measure of engagement for your calendar, and a more prominent call to list events helps you get more of them.

No matter what your goals are for event content, we’ve seen that these simple ideas can help you accomplish them. If you have any other thoughts and ideas about how SpinGo can help boost your website engagement, send a note to