A Passion for Event Promotion: Backstage with Peerless Group

March 05 2015

The Safe in Sound Festival recently roared into Salt Lake City at The Complex, and SpinGo teamed up with Peerless Group, an Irvine-based marketing agency and event promoter, to provide a backstage lounge area for artists like Destroid and Caked Up.

The time we spent with the passionate and confident Peerless Group President Lucas George left us feeling energized and inspired about new ways to promote events. The natural passion Lucas has for his work is contagious and can be seen in the events he puts on. It was incredible to see the natural ability he has for creating exciting events that get your heart pumping and feet moving.



Lucas’ infectious passion spreads to the collective environment at Peerless Group, igniting a desire to be the best of the best, because that attribute simply runs in their veins. Peerless Group is a collection of individuals that live to promote, enhance, and provide an unforgettable experience to each event it handles.

The Peerless Group culture reflects its own name: It’s a group of unique individuals that are truly themselves, putting their own personality and character into the work they produce. Their distinct individuality and self-confidence projects itself onto the final product of every event, generating a true one of a kind atmosphere. Anything that Peerless Group can do to make an event unique and fun, they’ll do it. Their individuality provides the key to developing brands, because each brand needs to be unique and personalized.

With Lucas’ goal to build brands as well as musicians, creativity and originality must be at the forefront of his work. From his own background, Lucas is able to differentiate himself and bolster the musicians and brands he builds. His entertaining mentality is seamed into the fabrics of Peerless Group.